DNAmainOk, so first off, I need to mention that I was not in any way asked to write this post. In fact, I asked DNA Skincare if it was okay if I shared my love of their products on my blog. So, you can be sure that I was not in any way motivated to speak about these products except by my love for them.

I was introduced to DNA Skincare by my good friend Nia Peeples. We all know she is gorgeous, right?!

Nia Peeples

AND we all know that true beauty is much more than our appearance. Nia is a very good example of this.

People, let me tell you, she walks the walk. She eats well, she exercises, she is compassionate and passionate in all that she does, she is certainly one of those people I am so very happy to call friend, and when she mentioned these DNA products to me and asked if I wanted to try them…being an absolute girlie-girl and loving new products…of course I said “YES”! Especially knowing she uses them and loves them too – she loves them enough to be a spokesperson for their line!

The fact that these products are 100% natural and chemical and preservative free goes without saying, right? 

I’ll admit at first whiff, the scent of these products had me. Now, I must tell you, I get samples from time to time to test and potentially blog about and, I have to be honest, it is better for your product to have NO scent than to have a bad one. I have gotten items that once I’ve opened and gotten a sniff of I have most certainly decided that I would NOT try them. There are just so many lovely essential oils out there and other natural scents that I have to wonder why anyone would create a product with a bad smell!

DNA skincare products just smell amazing! I am in love with the scents – the are lovely and intoxicating. But if they were only great smelling products, well, I wouldn’t be writing about them now. Seriously, my skin LOVES these products. I have been using them for over a year now and it may be said that I go into a slight panic if I feel like I’m running low on them!

Here are my favorite cannot-live-without items:

Floral Bliss and HydroBlend Accelerators

floral Bliss

These lovely spritzers are specifically formulated to increase and balance the essential hydration of your skin and to promote cell renewal.

Hydro-blend is formulated to balance the hydro (water) system of the skin. The delicate scent promotes joyfulness, peacefulness and happiness!

Floral Bliss is a very calming, relaxing and uplifting spritzer that balances skins ph and is scented with organic essence of Neroli and Rose….aaaah!

Booster Drops – Elasticity

Elasticity Booster Drops

If left on a deserted island, this would be the item I would want to have with me. These Elasticity Booster Drops are created with pure and genuine essential oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Petitgrain, Neroli, and Cypress. I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff. I combine it with the Supernatural Vitamin A Serum and the HydroBlend spray and then feel the gratitude my skin emits back to me. It is said the aromatic properties diffuse feelings of frustration and improve mental clarity. All I know is I am happy once this is applied. The scent of the above combination reminds me of Nia now as I know she uses them daily too.

Zen Therapy Treatment Gel


This Zen Therapy Treatment Gel improves skins elasticity enhancing the firmness and texture of the skin. I alternate this one with the Supernatural Vitamin A Serum mentioned above and described below. I use one in the AM and the other in the PM to gain the benefits of both.

Supernatural Vitamin A Serum


This lovely Supernatural Vitamin A Serum, rich in Vitamin A and phyto-nutrients, supports and accelerates new cell growth for rapid transformation of the skin. It moisturizes, softens and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles and balances skin pigmentation, while healing and promoting healthier facial tissue. As a bonus the aromatherapy features of this gel emit natural anti-depressant qualities.

Anti-aging Eye Repair Creme


I am very particular with what I put around my eyes. Too many times I’ve tried an eye creme just to feel a bit of a burning tingle after I’ve applied it. Not so with this Anti-Aging Eye Repair Creme. This luxuriously rich eye crème is perfect for the delicate eye area. It helps diminish signs of premature aging. It is unscented (natural fragrances from botanicals removed) for even the most sensitive skins.

Island Infusion Body Nectar


This is a newly added product to the DNA skincare line. I believe it’s their first product for the body. This luxurious nectar quickly absorbs and can be used daily by all skin types as a moisturizer for body, hands and feet. The island scent is incredible and perfect for the coming summer months.

Please note, these are not all the products in the DNA skincare line. There are also cleansers, scrubs, masks, sun protection lotions and other booster drops to try. I do love their Citrus Burst Gel Cleanser and Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub also…and am running low, so I’d better place an order soon. If you have problems with acne, they have a range of products to help your relieve your blemished skin too.

Not sure what products you should use? Well, you can use their Store Locator to search for a spa, dermatologist or boutique near you where you can get advice on what would best benefit your skin type.

All the DNA products are created by Dr. Noel Santana Aguilar who is a recognized and respected pioneer in biological skin therapy research. Read more about him on the DNA site and check out Nia’s and other celebrity endorsements. I know sometimes it can be hard to trust everything you read, but truly I’m here to tell you Nia definitely uses these products and she’s gotten me hooked on them too!

Let me know if you give them a try or if you already use them and what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you happy, healthy skin,