Since my Saturdays are open now with my current “break” from pottery classes, Pops and I have really gotten back into our weekly hiking adventures. Hiking is such a great form of exercise and something we can do together hopefully for many years to come. While we love hiking throughout the Bay Area, we’ve fallen in love with the Long Ridge Trail in the Santa Cruz Mountains not far from our home.

Hiking the Long Ridge Trail


We walk through our town every morning, but we love to go out on a longer hiking walk on the weekends to mix it up a bit.



These photos show why hiking near the skyline of the Santa Cruz Mountains on the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve trails is our favorite place to go.


We’ve been experimenting with different loops to try – all of which give spectacular views of the mountains and most days you can see the Pacific Ocean off in the distance.



Even on overcast days, the views are just stunning!


AND, of course, the air is just so clean!!



We’ve seen lots of deer so far on our hikes and even a few wild turkeys.



Since we’ve been blessed with some rain this year, the wildflowers are showing their colors all over the place.



It is just simply amazing to have an area so close to home that you can explore, enjoy – and yes, get a workout in.



There are so many more areas to see up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Next we’ll be moving on a bit North along Skyline Road to try some hikes at Skyline Ridge and Russian Ridge.


I just love exercise that doesn’t feel like it. Our hikes are usually around 5-6 miles, but with the beautiful scenery to keep our minds occupied, the time flies by with no effort at all.



I hope we’re doing hikes like this for years and years to come!


If you know any great hikes we should make it to here on this side of the Bay Area, let us know. We’re actually starting a list of places to explore!

Are you looking for long hikes to do in your area of the U.S.? If so, check out this article from Boot Bomb showing Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails In The USA

If you’ve done any of these hikes, I’d love to hear about your experience!



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    • Thank you so much Dave!! It’s just gorgeous and it’s nice to be able to enjoy and be grateful for such beauty.

  1. I love Hiking in the fresh air! Nature is incredibly beautiful, even wild animals are! Great place in every sense!

  2. Jimmy……. lose the beard…. makes you look like an AARP commercial.

    Jennifer… you look lovely as always. love to you both…

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with your Pops. I imagine the conversation and the views were priceless. Thank you for sharing these photos!

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