Did I get your attention with the title of this post? I hope so! I’m trying to raise some awareness for testicular cancer. Why me? you may ask. When I saw that Tommy John a men’s underwear company, was running this campaign with the Testicular Cancer foundation, I was surprised to hear that most men don’t choose to visit the doctor unless something is seriously wrong. As women, most of us learn to go to our yearly appointment and to do monthly exams from a pretty early age and I believe it’s time for the guys to get with the same program.

Testicular Cancer

Did you know that Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in males 15-34. Also, that when it is detected early, 99% of those diagnosed will survive! 99%! That is a huge reason to bring awareness to this cause.

How is Tommy John helping? They’ve created this #SupportYourBalls social media program to help bring awareness to this cancer which can then help to promote diagnosis and survival. Here are some other ways they’re promoting Testicular Cancer awareness:

  • They are giving 5% of all sales coming from our limited edition “Ball Print” collection to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.
  • They are also contributing $10 for each purchase made by new customers who were referred by someone else.

Instagram Fun

Want to have more fun and bring more awareness to this cause? Enter the Tommy John Instagram contest. Here’s my entry:

Bubba and tennis balls
litasworld Bubba and I would like to encourage all men to get screened for testicular cancer – the most common cancer in males 15-34! When detected early, 99% of those diagnosed will survive!!

Here’s how you can enter:

  • “Share a pair win a pair” Instagram contest (Starting November 1st). To enter, take a picture of any pair of round objects, and tag them on Instagram using the hashtag #SupportYourBalls, and follow and tag @TommyJohnWear and @TesticularCancerFoundation for a chance to win a $30 credit!

If you enter on Instagram, please let me know, I’d love to see your #SupportYourBalls ideas and thanks for helping promote awareness of Testicular Cancer!