YAY!! for Summertime – it’s definitely here in Northern California! We just love this season in our little town. How lucky is it that we have THREE different music in the park options each week! We’ve found that all that is needed to enjoy Music in the Park (besides our ears and a comfy chair) are cocktails and snacks, of course!! Let’s call it “adult” picnic time for us! A great time spent relaxing, enjoying the outdoors and unwinding with friends. One fabulous (and easy) snack to have on such occasions is SkinnyPop popcorn!

summertime music in the park

Summertime SkinnyPop & Cocktail Pairings

I’m going to make “adult picnic”  fun time very simple for you by sharing this fun graphic of cocktail recipes paired with SkinnyPop popcorn flavors.

Summertime SkinnyPop Cocktail Pairings

Summertime with SkinnyPop

Is there ever a bad time for enjoying SkinnyPop popcorn? We are definitely a big popcorn eating household. It’s pretty much our after-dinner, pre-bedtime, movie-watching snack all year long. SkinnyPop popcorn is fabulous because it has NO artificial ingredients, is NON GMO, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, preservative free and has no artificial flavors, zero trans fats and is a good source of fiber.  Also, most of the SkinnyPop products are dairy free EVEN the White Cheddar – but not the Aged White Cheddar and the PepperJack flavor.

summertime skinnypop cocktail pairings

AND, I’m going to be honest, pairing SkinnyPop with cocktails, well, that just adds to all the summertime FUN happening around here! (On a little sidenote, I had my first Moscow Mule at a friend’s house a little while ago and LOVED it!! I’m so happy to have – and share – a recipe here for making them!)

Do you have any favorite Summertime cocktails? Anything crisp and refreshing you’d like to share? I did recently have a “not-so-sweet” margarita at a friend’s house made with lots and lots of sparkling lime soda and tequila. It was delicious! Here’s a similar recipe. I really liked the non-sugary taste of it! Does it mean I’m getting old when I move away from the sugary-sweet cocktails?

Happy Summertime everyone!!

P.S. Other than being given the cocktail recipe / SkinnyPop popcorn flavor pairing graphic, I was not sponsored by SkinnyPop for this post. AND, yes, I truly do LOVE popcorn!


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  1. Love love it…thanks for sharing Lita! Never tried Skinny Pop now I have to purchase a few….

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