Last night we were able to attend a holiday concert with one of Pop’s former students, Amber Patterson. It was such a treat to hear Amber’s beautiful operatic voice. I can still remember the first time we heard her sing. Amber was in second grade auditioning for the school talent show that Mr. Hunter (aka Pops) ran each year. She was so tiny, and then she began to sing “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera and as we heard this incredibly beautiful and powerful voice fill the air, the room went quiet. It truly was magical to witness.

Jim & Amber

For years, following that first performance, we were treated to Amber’s incredible voice at talent shows, events and concerts. As time moves on and children grow up and, well, life happens, we’ve now gone about 14 years since hearing her sing. Until last night.

Holiday Concert

Amber now lives in Texas, but her lovely Mom, Mary Ann still lives here in the Bay Area. We keep in touch via Facebook thankfully, so she was able to let us know about last night’s concert. What a treat to see both her and Amber and to hear Amber’s incredible voice. I’m including a “mini” video below showcasing a couple of the songs Amber sang. I apologize for the wobbly movement of the videos, but I was getting a bit emotional listening.

Isn’t her singing out-of-this-world? I’m hoping we’ll be seeing her and hearing much more of her beautiful voice in the future.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope all of you have the chance to attend a meaningful holiday event near you this season.


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