Happy New Year! Yes, maybe I am a bit late…but it’s a sincere wish all the same. As the year begins, I see a lot of people choosing their “word” for the year. While this is nothing new, I usually give it a brief thought, then get busy with the eternal “what’s next” in my day. Not that I don’t want to pick a word, but usually it’s not something clear to me, so the idea gets pushed aside and then slowly forgotten about. However, today, as I had the chance to take a morning walk alone, I suddenly found my “word” standing straight out in front of my mind.

My Word for 2018


Word of the Year

Not “enough” in the negative sense – as in I’ve had enough, but in the positive as in I AM enough and I HAVE enough. Right now, in this moment, everything is enough. I want to live in the peaceful feeling of “ENOUGH” all year long if not longer. I’m wondering if on our recent trip seeing so many Burmese people living happily with so much less than I (and everyone I know) is blessed with, was a prompt for this word to stand out in my mind.

I want to live in the space of peace that comes along with this feeling. For I’ve learned that finding peace in the present moment is the best way to be – knowing that this moment is truly all we have anyways.

I know all too well how easy it is to apply unending pressure to be more, to have more, and to do more.  I’m not one hundred percent there yet, but I hope to be conscious enough of my state of being to call myself on these unending feelings of desire this year. Desire for things to be different and the desire to have MORE. More money, more “things” and yes, more followers. It’s truly unending and truly not that important when you already have ENOUGH!

My New Year’s wish for anyone reading this is that you too have enough.