I recently was fortunate enough to be able to screen Disney’s Aladdin. Of course, it’s everything we come to expect from a Disney movie – beautiful, uplifting, exciting and fun. I also realized there were some definitely lessons shared in the story. Lessons I think it would be wonderful for everyone to be reminded of.

Disney's Aladdin poster

Lessons learned from Disney’s Aladdin

Some of the key lessons learned in Disney’s Aladdin would be:

  • The importance of Family
  • The importance of Friends
  • The value and importance of Women
  • How great it can feel to live with integrity (and it’s never too late)

Without giving too much of the movie away, as you should go see it yourself, here are the relationships to watch for these lessons.

The Importance of Family

Princess Jasmine and her father, the Sultan

The importance of family is shown in the movie with the relationship between Princess Jasmine and her Father, the Sultan.

The Importance of Friends

Aladdin and the Genie

The importance of friends is best shown in the relationship between Aladdin and The Genie.

The Value and Importance of Women

Princess Jasmine

The role of Princess Jasmine is such a strong, empowering role for women (and girls) to see. I may also be swayed as I believe the world might be a better place if run by women!

The Importance of Living with Integrity

Aladdin and The Genie

The choice to live with integrity (and to value friendship) brings us to the happiest of conclusions in this movie.

I cried happy tears twice while watching this movie. Yes, I’m pretty much a happy crier at all things Disney. Just ask my cousins how much I hold it together riding the Frozen ride at Epcot when Elsa is singing! It brings me to tears every.single.time!

I hope you’ll check out Disney’s Aladdin. It opens this weekend in theaters everywhere! To follow along, check out the links below:

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Oh, and did I mention the movie is absolutely beautiful too! Some scenes were shot in Jordan where “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed – STUNNING!

Enjoy and please let me know if you go and what your thoughts are!