This amazing man I’m married to did a thing….a BIG thing. He wrote a book. In a two-year, almost daily commitment, he wrote a book of 50 chapters – Jim Hunter Stories From My Life. It is such an accomplishment, and I’m so proud of him. Prompted by a gift given by our youngest daughter, Mimi, he’s spent many hours writing down his tales, editing his stories and then searching for photos to add to his words. It is such an incredible act of love sharing his adventures and leaving a legacy for future generations. Don’t we all wish we had a book documenting a family member’s history? I know I do.

Jim Hunter Book Author
Jim Hunter

Jimi’s Stories

Jimi (as I call him) has always given 100% to all that he does. Whether it’s the needs of his family, his work in the classroom, his efforts in a bike race, teaching or playing chess, etc. he’s always all in. So, it was no surprise that he would give his best to this project, too. I love how it also gave him the chance to honor special people in his life – his parents, sister, daughters and friends. I believe there is something for everyone to enjoy in this book – and possibly even some life lessons to take away with you and apply to your own world.

Jim with his Dad
Jim and his Dad

There are tales from his childhood and early family life, stories from his 36 years as an elementary school teacher, his various sports achievements and his travels throughout the world.

Jim's motorcycle racing days
Motorcycle racing days.
Jim's Travels in Africa
Travels in Africa
Jim's daughter Libby's wedding
Jim’s Mom, Mimi, Libby, Jim and me at Libby’s wedding.

Links for More Jimi Info

If you’re interested in reading more about Jimi, check out the Pops link here on this blog. If you’re a former student and wish to re-live some past school days, his site is still alive and well.

Jim in a class newspaper articles
One of the many articles in the newspaper about his achievements as a teacher.

How to read the book

Are you interested and intrigued enough to read the book? Here is a link to download a pdf version. There are 3 files of different sizes – the only difference in the files are the quality of the photos. Feel free to download a version and even share it with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Book Files Link

If you have any problem downloading a file, let me know and I’ll do my best to address the issue.

I’m curious, have you written a book about your life? Did you enjoy the process? I’m not sure what adventure is next for Jimi, but I do know he will pour his heart into it. He turns 72 next week and I’m hoping to have at least that many more years with him sharing life and making memories to create Stories From My Life – Part 2!

Cover of Jim's Book