Ella's Kitchen Organic smoothies for kids

There were so very many sponsors at the BlogHer11 expo. So many, that I didn’t even make it through the whole expo. I ran out of time and to be honest, energy.

Apparently, the amount of “goodies” or swag you could leave with was monumental. I left with more than enough and in fact, too much, so, I left some with my friend Lisa who lives in San Diego.

Though all of the sponsors might not have met every blogger’s needs, I do want to thank those that I enjoyed. Not just for the free product or the coupons they may have been handing out, but for just being there and supporting such a female majority event. It was definitely noticed by me and I absolutely appreciate it.

First, on my “thank you” list is Ella’s Kitchen.

Hunter drinking Ella's Kitchen smoothie

I came home with 2 packages of their “Green One” kid’s smoothies. The perfect number 2 as I have 2 handsome monkeys to give them to.

Westly trying Ella's Kitchen smoothies

The boys LOVED them!

I was happy to give them to them because all their ingredients are 100% organic. Other important facts about their smoothies:

  • NO added water
  • NO preservatives or thickeners
  • NO E numbers or GM
  • NO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose
  • NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial
  • JUST squished organic fruit for kids
  • Unsweetened and unsalted
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars

Hunter enjoying Ella's Kitchen

What did I like? Well, I liked that the boys loved them, that they were easy for them to carry and hold – and they didn’t spill. You know how sometimes those little, happy hands can squeeze juice boxes and squirt the juice all over themselves, not a problem with this packaging. I also LOVED that they were organic and VEGAN!!!

Westly and Ella's Kitchen

I think I’m going to have to get some more of these for them.

Visit the Ella’s Kitchen site to find out where they are available. For me, they can be found at Target.

Westly playing with his Ella's Kitchen smoothie

The fine print…I was not paid or asked to say anything nice about Ella’s Kitchen products. I only received 2 packages of “The Green One” smoothie at BlogHer11 and simply wanted to share how much the boys loved them – I snuck a sip of one too and it thought it was yummy. Just giving out a little love and support to a company that was there to support the BlogHer11 convention.