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Westly is FOUR!

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westlymain Westly is FOUR!

On the one hand, it’s super exciting…on the other, how did time fly by so fast!!

Not to dwell on that, here’s what made his 4th birthday super fun!

First, the bounce house – um, more correctly the CARS bounce house!

westly4e 1 of 1 Westly is FOUR!

westly4 11 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

westly4 12 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

A tasty lunch with friends:

westly4 1 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

Some Pinata action:

westly4 2 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

Westly making his “baby angel” face before he attacks the pinata (oh, while wearing his knight’s hat)

westly4 3 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

westly4 4 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

the “gang” all lined up..yep, that’s Grandpa Jim in line too!

westly4 5 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

Big brother Hunter gets a turn (yes, the rope broke, but the pinata hasn’t yet)

westly4 15 of 33 Westly is FOUR!

After it breaks, of course it’s time to enjoy the CANDY!!

westly4c 1 of 2 Westly is FOUR!

Birthday Boy is pretty happy with his spoils!

Next event…your big brother playing “Happy Birthday” for you on his guitar (aaah, my heart melts here!!)

westly4h 1 of 1 Westly is FOUR!

Finally, time for mommy’s (Libby’s) super yummy, homemade, Cars-themed cupcakes!!

westly4 6 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

oh, and then a sweet pose with Daddy (Robert):

westly4 7 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

Next, on to another “key” moment…the PRESENTS!!!

westly4 9 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

Perfect gift from Grandma Pat & Grandpa Jim!! Westly LOVES sharks!!

westly4 10 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

So fun when your older brother can read the cards to you!

Watch out Pops, he’s getting bigger and he’s famous for saying lately:

westly4 13 of 13 Westly is FOUR!

“They call me a CHAMPION”

Love you sweet boy – you are such a joy to be around!!


litasign Westly is FOUR!

pixel Westly is FOUR!


2 Responses to “Westly is FOUR!”
  1. 1

    Four is such a sweet age! Drop by sometime & link up any of your great recipes or photos! Just dropping in to say hi!
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted..Easy #Halloween Diy Projects & Spotlight Inspiration Link-Up #10

  2. 2
    Lita says:

    Theresa…thank you and I definitely will stop by to link up!! Happy Friday!!

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