20 years together

Crazy as it may seem, 20 years ago today, I met the man of my dreams.

Me, on a weekend jaunt up to the Mendocino area (with my friend Sherry from work) to check out the area, hike and play tourists (neither one of us being native Californians).

Jimi, on a winter surf trek to Point Arena with his surf crew.

The meeting place, The Casper Inn – basically the only place in the Ft. Bragg area with music and, well, anything to do on a weekend evening (as my friend and I were told at the hotel we were staying at).

It must have been meant to be – how else would you explain the story coming to this point when, that weekend night, after my friend and I (tired from a day of hiking and touring) had just decided we would finish our drinks and head back to our room to sleep, stayed on after Jimi came along asking me to dance?

Well, it wasn’t exactly that smooth…but close…the exchange went something like this:

Jimi, “Would you like to dance?”

Me, “No…thank you.”

His reply, “I’ll be right back”.

Me to my friend, “What did he say?” (if you know him, he talks super fast – part being a Texan, part being a bit ADHD, so I may truly have not been sure what he actually said)

In total “Jimi Hunter Style” he returned with one of his friends to ask my friend to dance.

Needless to say, we acquiesced and danced the night away to the music of an amazing Zydeco band.

Something in me knew, I mean really knew, that THIS WAS IT!

jim and jen at Billy Bob's
Me and Jimi the Texan in the early years at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth

Especially because it was at a time when I wasn’t even looking (if you can believe that – and I DO now believe that it happens when you really aren’t looking).

Jim & Jen at the homestead
Us at a Hunter family reunion at a family homestead in Ft. Worth, Texas

Now, 20 years later, I look across the room at the man who has been there…who has truly been steady…through it all. He’s 20 years older, so let’s just say, I’ve had WAY more growing up to do over the years than he has. He’s seen me through the ups and the downs, the happiness, the sadness, the tragedy, the times when I was so buried in grief I didn’t even know exactly who I was.

He’s NEVER faltered.

Truly, not once, not for a second….TRULY!

How blessed am I? I mean how lucky, too? No matter what I’ve been going through he’s been there.

Jim & Jen at Libby's wedding
Us at our daughter, Libby’s wedding – what a beautiful day!

Even the less intense life events like taking him through vegetarianism and back, and then on to being vegan. He’s there, supportive, steady. Never declaring, never debating, just supporting, listening and loving me.

I’m not sure what I did to deserve this man, but Thank You GOD for him!

His heart is good, his love is true, his support for his family and friends endless.

I love you Jimi Hunter…now and forever!

~ I’ll always be your Jen


P.S. – Today is also the birth day of one of the most FABULOUS guys I know – my nephew, Ty. His birth was one of the most incredibly special days of my life! So, my heart is just full of love for these two very special guys today!

Uncle Jimi and Ty
Uncle Jimi and a baby Ty – love those little hands!

Again, how lucky am I?!


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  1. I remember you sitting in my office telling me about meeting Jimi – like it was yesterday – such a great story – love to hear it time and again! So glad to have been a part of the ride :) – LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!

  2. OMG! I totally remember that!! I am soooooooo happy GG that you guys are still going strong. You are my heros. Love you both! Love all the pics.

    • crazy, right?!? I’m excited to speak with that little cutie pie today – supposedly they’ll be calling after mom picks him up from school – woohoo!! miss you guys!!

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