Breakfast is a big deal around this house. Mostly due to Pops. I can be seriously bad and skip meals – which is not very good at all for me and causes me to scarf calories later.

At home, I like to create tasty breakfast wraps or bagels for us to eat. If Pops gets up before me, and eats early and later I make one of these, there’s no doubt if I take my eye off it, he will wolf it down before I catch him.

I add egg product to Pops breakfast treats, while keeping them out of mine to keep them vegan. The ingredients vary according to what I have available. A general list, wraps or bagels, veggie sausage, veggie cheese, red onion, potatoes, onions, avocado, tomato, honey mustard, salsa, egg product (or whites), etc, etc.

Here’s some shots.

First the ingredients for the wrap I made the other day.

These “sausages” are a staple around here…not only are they healthy, but my goodness, they’re yummy!

When adding to a bagel sandwich, I simply cut them in half and place on the bagel, but for the wrap, I chop them up to add to the mix.

Vegan soy cheese…oh yes, a necessity. Many flavors – there are slice versions too – I simply love them and, yes, these do melt like regular cheese.

While, I truly love, love, love anything from Melissa’s, I especially love these tasty potatoes…any time of the day in any meal. They’re so tasty, you don’t even need to add anything…not butter, not nothin’!


I pull my portion out of the pan before I add the egg product for Pops. Here’s his version heating all up and tasty together.

Ready to roll!

Similar items used for the bagel sandwich, but I also had some avocado to add too.

Just swap out a bagel if you don’t have any wraps. Add avocado, red onion, hot sauce, anything really. Simple, quick, easy and Healthy!!!