This weekend we had a bit of a break from the rain here. Just enough to make me want to pull weeds, plant seeds, and get the garden festivities rolling…..but unfortunately NO CAN DO.

All I read lately in the “garden” world is how you should not and I repeat NOT mess with wet soil. Apparently, digging in wet soil (and our soil is saturated right now) breaks up the organic matter in it – making it less than desirable for planting later. So, I held myself back and did a little pruning and storm clean-up instead.

Now I’ll put on hold writing about what I’m planting and the garden plan I need help with and instead  I’ll write about what’s already out there.

I love to grow herbs. For many reasons. First, they all seem to smell just wonderful and make it a joy to be out in the garden even when it’s hot and I’m sweaty and dirty. Second, they’re useful in cooking – adding incredible flavor to any dish you prepare (if you choose the appropriate herb). Third, they can be dried and used to scent arrangements, wreaths, and either dropped fresh or dry into the bath for a scented and purely blissful experience. But most of all, I love herbs because they’re easy to grow. When I first started planting a garden, I chose herbs to begin with and I truly felt so encouraged when they grew and grew without much knowhow or effort.

Here are a couple of photos of some of the ones going strong, even through the winter months, out in my yard.

Curly Parsley
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Garlic Chives

ok, this one looks a bit rough….not only do I use it a lot, but somehow I think the kitties are munching it too….ugh

Wanna know another plant that seems to do amazing here right through the winter???



well, as long as I watch it and don’t let it go to seed – so far so good. I found a packet of lettuce seeds, at the end of the summer, just sitting amongst all the other then empty seed packets I saved (so I’d remember what I planted). Apparently, I had forgotten about this packet. So, I dug a little furrow and threw the seeds into the ground. I didn’t actually think much would happen…but to my surprise, I’ve had lettuce for months. Don’t you just love when stuff like that happens? As soon as the soil has dried out enough in spring, I plan on planting some other lettuce varieties. I hope I have as much luck with them.

I’m really hoping to plant  more vegetables and possibly some fruit trees and harvest more this year than I ever have…I’ll keep you posted and ask for input and ideas and maybe some help.

Though no one could be as much help as this guy

The Lounger

Sure, someone needs to hold down that cushion.


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