Valentine's Yum

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day!

That special day where anything chocolate is fair game!

Yes, I know it’s more than that. It’s about showing that special someone you love them with cards, flowers, special dinners, etc. But I’m going to be honest here, my special someone is off on a trip right now, so today is all about the chocolate! Vegan Chocolate!

To start, and for a mix of the fun, the crazy, the ghoulish and the yummy, I decided to make Vegan Machine’s Bloody Valentine Cupcakes! (click link for her recipe).

vegan cupcakes

These cupcakes are THE BOMB!

So easy and super yummy…makes me wonder why I would ever pay upwards of 3$ for one of those fancy cupcake house cakes again?

I didn’t make mine as “bloody” as her’s look, but I’ll work on that for Halloween this year!

On to the chocolates, and you wouldn’t believe all the vegan chocolates I purchased this year (yes, I used Valentine’s as an excuse – oh and the fact that I’m spending Valentine’s without the hubby – but with the frenchie just adds to my reasoning).

I bought these vegan truffles from Energy Truffles and they’re just delicious!

They’re created in Southern California by a family owned business – love supporting small family owned companies. Oh and they’re mostly raw too. I’m not sure how something so tasty can be “good” for you, but yes, right here, I’m claiming they are. They’re at least good for lifting your spirit when you eat them and for me that’s what counts.

I also ordered a MASSIVE package of goodies from Obsessive Confection Disorder (don’t you just love that name!) Known as the “Vegan Caramel Whisperers”, these treats are such a delight…trust me, you won’t want to share – and luckily today I don’t have to!

In my package I have the Vanilla Bar, Burtle Bar, Irish Caramel Bombs and a couple of sweet crispy hearts dipped in chocolate!

I’ll try not to eat all of this today. Hubby is home tomorrow and if I repackage what’s left, he’ll think I got HIM a super sweet Valentine surprise. Score on both accounts!

So, how are you celebrating today? Or rather, what kind of vegan yummy treats are you eating?? (yes, for me, today is a day to obsess about treats!)

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope your day is fabulous!

Sending lots of hearts and hugs to you all,


P.S. Today is the LAST day to vote in the Vegan/Vegetarian Top Mom Blogs contest over at Circle of Mom’s. Please take a moment and vote for all your favorite blogs – hopefully mine is one of them – and know I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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