Here is my lovely, youngest step-daughter Mimi. I can’t believe I was blessed enough to come into her and her sister’s  lives over 16 years ago. They were so much younger then!

Mimi was 9 when I met her and the cutest, snuggliest bug you’ve ever seen. She has incredibly curly hair, perfect skin and beautiful bright eyes.

Mimi also has a degree of Asperger’s. While having Aspergers means many things, to us it means she’s Brilliant!

She’s an avid reader – as in 10-15 books at a time. And not little itty, bitty books, but books like “Generals of the Second World War” or anything written by Shakespeare or to do with English history, or the science of the mind – or really, whatever. The type of books they make you read in college she just picks up at the library for a bit of “light” reading. The brilliant part is she remembers every single thing she reads. She has facts stored in her brain that simply astound me.

You can never, ever play Jeopardy or trivial pursuit or any other type of trivia game with her. In fact, this past Christmas, when Jeopardy came on, we all played. The teams were Everyone and Mimi. It wasn’t pretty – she shmeared us! Made us look ridiculous. The craziest part is, she doesn’t even pay attention or wait for the whole question to be read. She’ll be glancing through a magazine or book as we play and just simply call out the correct answer. We should know better.

Mimi lives with my older daughter Libby, her husband Robert and my two adorable Grandsons Hunter and Westly – who she helps take care of.

aaaah Mimi, you’re precious to me and I’ll love you forever.