Pops and I just got back from a week long trip up to Lake Tahoe. It’s my second year as a beginner skier (yes, it’s possible for a skier like me to be a “beginner” two years in a row) and truly, I feel like I just can’t get enough. First thing I asked Pop’s this morning when I woke up is “when can we go back”? My life calling might be to become a “ski bum”. He can be the surfer and I’ll be the skier. Sounds like a pretty even deal to me!

Bubba got to go on this vacation – his first trip to the snow! As a professional car rider, he was the first one packed and in the car. He would not even leave  the car while we packed – just making sure we wouldn’t forget him.

Bubba wasn’t sure what to make of the snow at first, but once he got his groove on, it was fun, fun, fun.

Notice how his winter wardrobe keeps him looking super stylish.

He just wanted to run, run, run – maybe he was trying to keep warm. Um, hey bubba, come back!

Good Boy!

Pops and I were lucky to be able to go with two of our best friends, John and Al.

We stayed at Al’s family home right on the lake near Tahoe City.

View of Tahoe City

The views were amazing!

Yes, that is a lot of beer chilling in the snow behind me and Pops….vacation time is PARTY TIME! Hey, I’m Irish…and Al used to live in Ireland, so that makes it all okay.

Stunning Views! Doesn’t the water look so very cold though? I didn’t even touch it to see how very cold it was.

The motivation for the trip this year was to watch our friend JT Holmes (a.k.a. the bird man as seen on 60 Minutes) ski in the Nissan Free Ride ski event at Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The skiers in this event are out of this world! They jump off rooftops onto the steepest slopes and ski down the craziest terrain. Our friend had a rough run due to shifting snow, but he gained a “Wild Card” to continue to the final event – The Nissan Extreme in Verbier. I know I’m a beginner, but truly, I don’t even think I could hike down what they ski down. The event was supposed to start Saturday and then was delayed until Sunday morning. It was soon called off and delayed again until Monday due to a small avalanche.

Is there such thing as a small avalanche? I think only when you view it, like me, from a mile away at the bottom of the mountain – a safe distance from any danger.

I stayed clear of any scary skiing areas too and stuck with my ski class and the green (beginner) slopes.

Apart from the occasional snow run, Bubba chose to stay nice and toasty back at the house. The lighting off the water, through the big house windows, made for some fantastic portrait moments.

Yep, that’s my boy!!

Gotta go smooch him now! Luckily he takes all the kisses I attack him with, even as I come at him randomly throughout the day.

Hard to be home and leave all this beauty and fun behind…can’t wait to go back! I have a new career path to follow!