My oldest stepdaughter Libby is, well, she’s just amazing. I met her when she was 12 and I can promise you that even at that age she had more self-confidence and maturity than I have, even now, in my 40s. You can tell she’s someone who had to grow up so quickly and she’s handled it all with such grace.

Libby and Westly

She’s beautiful and confident and a take charge kind of woman. She’s one of my best friends and someone who I can always count on to speak her mind and to be completely honest with her feelings – and do that, again, with complete grace.

She was made to be a mother, truly. She has always been there for Mimi – through the most trying times. And to see the love she gives her two little guys just melts my heart. She’s stayed close to many of her school friends – even though she spent years away at college and creating her adult self. She has a gift with people and you can consider yourself lucky if you get to be one of her crew.

Did I mention she can also sew beautiful quilts?! Really, she can do it all.

Libby has given Pops and I the best gifts a daughter could ever, ever give her parents – Grandchildren!! Our Grandsons are simply the loves of our lives. It’s the strangest thing to think you can’t imagine another person who’ll live in your heart and who you’ll love forever and ever and then, they’re here and you simply cannot imagine a world without them.


I love, love, love my girls and my boys and am truly blessed!

Pure Love!