Pops and I have been traveling a lot these past couple of months. Our latest trip took us to Fort Worth, Texas where his mother, Mimi, turned 90 years old.

Pops and his Mother, Mimi

One of the family’s good friends, Tex Rankin, also turned 90 and invited us to his extravagant costume party at their neighborhood country club.

The theme of the costume party was “music through the decades“. You could dress in any music genre from the past 9 decades – meaning dress was pretty wide open. Pops went as a surfer (not a big stretch for him), Holly – his sister – and her boyfriend went dressed in 50s themed costumes and I chose to go as a Go-Go dancer – is that 60s? My choice was completely based on a dress I already owned.

Holly, Pops and me
Holly & Bill

Due to the lighting at the party (and my inexperience taking photos in said lighting) and only carrying my small camera, my photos do not give the decor justice. I will post some pics here just the same.

The tables were themed by dances – we were the “Mambo” table.

My favorite part was the huge jars of candy on each table containing a variety of old-fashioned candies. You can see it just a bit behind the table sign in the last photo. The flowers on the table were placed in milkshake glasses and arranged to appear like milkshakes. I really liked this idea and wish this photo had come out sharper, but you get the idea.

Tex’s favorite food is hamburgers, so, the buffet and food selection was based on Diner food. Again, I was really happy for that jar of candy – being a vegan doesn’t usually get you too many options here in Ft. Worth, Texas and this party was no exception. Not a veggie burger in sight.

The orchestra was incredible – in fact the leader sounded a lot like Michael Buble – a LOT like him – he even looked like him.

Pop’s made sure he got out there and cut-the-rug with his mother and sister.

A great time was had by all and I’m still coming down after consuming all that sugar!