Ok, I’m at work, so really how much fun is being had….Well, as I don’t believe anyone I work with (who would care) is reading my blog, I’ll admit this: it can be lots of fun!! Especially today – I have time to catch up on all my favorite blogs, play with some of my photographs and take an online class or two….AND get paid for this!!! SSShhhhhhh! It somehow all relates to what I do here – I promise, and if you force me to, I’ll come up with the reasons.

So, as I’ve caught up with The Pioneer Woman, The Bloggess, This is Reverb, Indo Bay and one of my new favorites Martinis or Diaper Genies I have decided now’s a good time to put up one of my favorite photos:

For me, this is just an incredibly “happy” photograph. First, I took it while on a Bay cruise with my mom (happy memory there)! Second, as you can see, the day was glorious, and third, c’mon it’s San Francisco. If you’ve been lucky enough to have ever visited this city, you get what I mean. I’ll admit there was a time when this city brought a tinge of sadness to my heart, but I have thankfully transformed that sadness to only the happiest of memories. Afterall, my amazing nephew Ty was born there – a very blessed and most perfect event in my lifetime!

In case you’re wondering, next on my agenda today is to read my Daily OM. Need some inspiration? Want to check out your horoscope?? Check out their site and sign up for daily emails. I swear, somehow, they always send the perfect words for the day. How do they do that? It’s kinda creepy – but in a cool way if that makes sense.

Then I’ll do a little “green” reading at Care2.com and The Daily Green and then Twitter about anything fun and interesting I’d like to share.

After that, I’m off to continue my online studies at Lynda.com. Right now I’m working on learning more CSS and Joomla to make this website even more exciting. (I can obviously apply these techniques to the site I run for my office too – see, there is some “work-related” material happening in my day).

Truly, I do monitor our client’s sites while I’m here at work for potential projects. My ego does get a kick out of marketing the company I work for and winning jobs just as it gets a kick out of blogging and receiving comments. AND isn’t it all about the EGO anyways?!?!

Off to fulfill my duties – have a great Friday everyone! The garden planning begins tomorrow and I’ll need input and advice from you all!

Be Blessed!