Here’s my “Green” tip today. I found this one at The Daily Green (to read more tips from them, see link below).

Save energy and wear and tear on your hardware by shutting down your computer at night. You’ll save an average of $90 of electricity a year.

I always try to turn all my gadgets off at night, but I must admit, sometimes I forget my laptop especially if it’s in sleep mode. I also need to make the effort to turn off my home computer when I head out to work each day. The thought of saving money will certainly motivate me.


2 Comments on Green Tip Tuesday – Computer Shutdown

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! It’s such a simple thing to do AND it saves energy AND you save money. Win, win, win. So awesome. Love your blog and all the great material here. :)

  2. Already do that…though lately my computer has been going to sleep very late! I unplug all my kitchen gadgets too. My electric bill went down $100 and keeps going down each month. YAY!!!!!

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