Um, yep, we’re going – me and Pops….

HOW, you say? Well, let me explain….

See, one of my husband’s absolutely best friends in the whole wide world is Sam George (go ahead Google him, you’ll get lots of info that way) and well, Sam wrote this documentary called “Hollywood Don’t Surf” that just happened to get submitted and accepted into the film festival there…WOW!

After you finish “Googling” Sam, let me tell you about him. Beyond all his talent and good looks (and trust me there are plenty of both), Sam is the ultimate friend. I have truly never known him to say a bad word about anyone – not ever. No matter what’s going on in his life, he just won’t do it. He’s just that way…always upbeat and on high tone levels. Personally, I know Sam to be the kind of friend who comes and is there to help out or just be when you absolutely need him. A few years back Pop’s was sick and ended up in the hospital and I called Sam….and, well, he asked if he should come, and I said “yes”. I needed him. I was scared and needed somebody close who could come and be there for me, Pop’s and our youngest daughter, Mimi, who was still living at home.

And, that was all I needed to say….

The next thing I knew, Sam was there…at the hospital, staying at the house with Mimi…just there – within hours, he was there (as in he went to the airport, got on a flight and came up). He was there for me, there for Pops and there for Mimi. So, basically, I love him, always will, no matter what…forever kind of stuff because I know he loves Pops and my daughters enough to always be there for us and that is truly all that matters.

Ok, so now you get Sam. Next Google his beautiful wife, Nia Peeples….it’s ok, I’ll wait while you read tons about her……

Yep, it’s that “Nia”…the one who was in “Fame”, “Texas Walker Ranger”, and the upcoming show “Pretty Little Liars”, and movies and much, much more… (oh and her name’s in lots of crossword puzzles too). She’s the person I wanted to actually BE…yep, I wanted to BE her when I was younger!!!! And guess what, she’s all that you read about her and more AND now one of my dearest friends. She’s talented, passionate, an amazing mom, caring and stunningly gorgeous…and I STILL want to be her!!! Though I can’t, I am so happy to benefit from being around her and her magical, motivating and inspiring energy.

So that’s how Pops and I get to go to Cannes with both of them to see Sam’s latest documentary showing there!!! I promise I’m having one of those moments in life when I’m asking myself “how did I get here and get so lucky?”.

I’m so excited!! This is the kind of trip that I usually take months and months to get my head around…but I only have a few weeks to get ready. I like to plan and read about places, do research, pick up maps, etc….so I’m feeling a bit stressed….though I know it’s going to be an absolute BLAST!!! I need to make my packing list now….and hopefully not forget my camera and all it’s add-ons so I can snap amazing photos!

If you’ve been to the French Riviera and have any tips for me, please share!! Now, I really must go and pull out those French phrase books I have on the bookshelf and get crackin’ on my French pronunciation….more updates to follow!!



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  1. I can’t wait to hear the stories & look at all the cool pictures from your star studed adventure in Cannes! Don’t get too lost in the stars because I do need you back in Lita’s World! Hey Now – give a kiss to Bon Jovi (if he’s there…) for me or any sexy star stud you may come across!!!!! Have a SAFE & AWESOME time!

    • Thank you! I will try to post every day when I’m there so you don’t miss any of the fun!

  2. I’m so jealous! Have a great time! Take lots of pictures! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

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