First, I apologize for being a bit off this past week or so. My mom is here visiting from Florida and I feel it’s more appropriate to be present for her while she visits than on the internet having my usual fun. I’m working on a bunch of posts including one from our trip up to Yosemite (see teaser photo above) and my new season of gardening, but quickly I just wanted to share how blessed I feel at this moment…right here…right now.

It’s a gorgeous day outside and even though my yard is in desperate need of weeding and trimming and cleaning up from this past week’s storms, I still can appreciate it’s beauty. It’s Earth Day and all the little miracles happening outside are just amazing and I would be sad for all those who don’t see them and don’t take a moment to appreciate them. I hope that even if you’re still searching for your belief in a higher power you would at least accept there must be one by what is present all around us everyday and I hope you don’t simply get caught up in all the negative and ugliness out there (which can be easy to do).

My incredible Grandsons are on their way over for dinner with my lovely daughter Libby…wow, sometimes I truly wonder how I got here in life and right here….right now…I am so grateful that I have.

So my wish is that everyone reading this will take that little moment to look around at your family members, your home space, your pets, and/or your garden and just feel blessed.

And right here….right now….I’m sending you blessings too!