Uniquely Abled

On our final morning in the “Big Apple”, we were fortunate to meet this amazingly talented group of performers called the “Uniquely Abled”.

The lead of this group, David, has loved Nia since the “Fame” days (haven’t we all), and was able to get in contact with her after seeing she would be in the New York area.

Cast of Fame Photo

David asked Nia if she would have some time for his talented group to perform for her. I can tell you, I’m so happy we had the time!!

Nia meeting the group

What an amazing group of individuals. So full of light and energy!

Oh…and TALENT!

Uniquely Abled performing

I confess, again I had the tears flowing from my eyes!

We were able to sit a while with this talented group to hear about all the things they do from performing, to traveling, to really, just about everything!!

Uniquely Abled

What a day of inspiration!! Their stories are one I will never forget!

Uniquely Abled

Nia also shared an impromptu performance with all of us – what fun!

Nia performing for the Uniquely Abled

With such a charming group of people, you can be sure we had lots of laughs too! And, of course, some goofing off was to be had!

Uniquely Abled

Our final morning, was most certainly one of the highlights of our trip!!

Uniquely Abled

Thanks David for the amazing memories!