Have I already mentioned how very much I LOVE techie gadgets???

I know that this particular desire doesn’t fit too well with being eco-friendly and loving the simple, handmade things in life. My only excuse is I’m human. AND well, I really, really, really love them and use them and want to know every single detail about them and become an expert at them.

(could be my computer science background – that part of me I like to leave in distant memory land)

Pops makes fun of me at times, but I think he secretly loves having a computer nerd as a wife. AND he’s a big tease who makes me crazy. For instance, this morning, he brought up how I should really consider having an iPad and wouldn’t I just be so cool pulling it out and using it at places. Yes, that image does sound cool to me, though I’m not quite sure where these “places” I would be pulling it out at are since I don’t really go anywhere “cool” like that. I imagine Starbucks or Peets or some local coffeehouse, but since I bought my Keurig K-Cup I don’t really go out for coffee very much anymore.

aaaah, the K-cup…oh how I love thee….you’re a gadget, you’re cool looking and yes, you make me that sweet caffeinated nectar I need daily so much….oops I digress….

Back to the iPad….so now, all day, all I’ve thought about is how much I need this iPad! And I’ve read reviews about it, twitted about it and chatted with my buddies about it – they’ve all been very supportive by the way.

And now, I try to justify it –  I work hard, don’t I?

(debatable, I know)

I would definitely want the one with WIFI and 3G. So, I’m safe at the moment because those aren’t out until the end of the month. No chance I may stop at the Apple Store on my way home and give in to compulsive buying.

I would even consider giving up my iPhone for it, thus reducing my monthly cell phone bill because I would go back to Verizon and just get a simple phone on Pop’s plan. I’ve even contemplated having no phone at all as I simply hate talking on the phone – I’d much rather text and email (that techie side peeking out again), but I think that may be going too far. I mean, I only have an iPhone for all the fun apps you can use on it and why not run them on the new iPad?…hmmmm….see money could be saved, which would feed that frugal side of me.

(let’s not consider the price tag on the iPad right now and ruin this mood)

I’m pretty sure it would make my life simpler because it seems all my gadgets have done just that so far…well, in my mind anyways.

What to do, what to do…hmmm…any thoughts and/or ideas? Do you have one? Do you love it? …send help, please!


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  1. Go ahead & get it. We will find a way to make it “green.” Just like the K-cups!!! Not sure what part of K-cups is green….working at it…go get the ipod Lita!

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