My latest “going green” commitment has to do with my addiction to magazines – remember my confession earlier this year?

stack of magazines
I promise the pile is getting smaller....

I must tell you, with joy, that so many magazines are coming out with digital subscriptions now – I love this techie time we live in.

Slowly, but surely, I’m switching my subscriptions over to digital format. The downside is it will make the magazines harder to share, but that is a small downside in comparison to the huge upside of helping to save trees and the environment.

One HUGE perk of these digital publications is that the articles and ads can link directly to related web content  (i.e. product web sites and videos) – aaah, just feeding my techie soul.

Here are some of the digital magazine resources I’ve looked in to and used:

  • Zinio – more than a mobile reading application, they have digital editions of the magazines you love plus exclusive features like video, audio and live links – on your iPad, iPhone, desktop and laptop
  • eMagazines – an open marketplace where consumers can find any digital magazine or newspaper
  • Yudu – a free library of digital publications to read and explore. Also you can self-publish your expertise and share and sell your digital creations with the world
  • Barnes & Noble – The famous bookstores e-reading department has a deal where all first-time subscribers can receive a free 14-day subscription to any eMagazine (or eNewspaper)
  • Amazon – Excellent e-reading department and they also have the same 14-day free trial magazine subscription as offered above

Here’s some more detailed information on the resources I mentioned above:


I really, really like Zinio. They seem to have the most magazine options. Right now, you can get a “FREE” trial subscription (2-3+ issues) to one of their top-tier magazines just for creating a new account on their site. They have thousands of magazines to choose from – I mean an amazing selection! Here’s a very small sampling from their list:

  • dwell
  • Shape
  • Food Network
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Marie Claire
  • Elle
  • Wine Enthusiast
  • Spin

Zinio also has apps for iPhone and iPad – though you don’t need one of those because they have readers for both pc and mac available, too. Another thing I love about Zinio is you can choose to buy one magazine or a subscription. This really gives you the chance to check out a magazine without committing to a whole year of it. They also offer free featured articles which you can browse through to help you get a feel for what’s offered in the different magazines.


Yudu also offers a lot of free issue options. If you’d like to self-publish something you’ve written, Yudu also offers digital professional publishing services via the web, iPhone and iPad.


On the eMagazines site, you can find links to any digital magazine (or newspaper) available. A very convenient service if I do say so. This site is also organized to show you what is available for any e-reader you might have. The site is also super clean and easy to navigate.

Barnes&Noble and Amazon

If you have a techie lover, like me, on your Christmas list, consider giving them an e-magazine (or e-newspaper) subscription gift this year. Barnes & Noble and Amazon offer e-magazines and e-newspapers that you can read on your pc, iPad or other e-reader too – not only on your Nook or Kindle, so you don’t have to wonder first if they have one of those. What I also love about these sites is the ease in which you can purchase gift cards for both on line.

One site I haven’t mentioned yet, but one I will definitely be excited to add to my list is Hulu. If you’re already a fan of watching your favorite shows on Hulu (as I am), then be ready because they say that early next year, they will also be opening a digital storefront.

In my ongoing attempt at being greener around this homestead, I’d love to know if you have any green inspiration to share too.

I’m also, always, interested in any techie information you have to share – especially if it has to do with gadgets! Do you have an e-reader you love? Have you experienced e-reading magazines yet?

Thanks for sharing.

Be Well, Happy & Green,
~ Lita


5 Comments on Green Tip Tuesday – Green Magazines

  1. Oh, lordy. I don’t think I could give up my magazines, just like books. I love that soothing, tactile feeling of turning pages and leaving them upside down where I left off.

    However, your links (especially the one to Zino) have convinced me to try! I promise to give it a shot.

    I’ll just have to find my tactile pleasures elsewhere …

    • Leslie,

      I do agree…there is something to be said for “feeling” the pages…and like Emily and others said, I do love to rip out ideas and recipes to save. Right now I have a pretty good mix going on of both paper and digital….trying to lean towards the digital. I love that the digital ones are always with me. This week, the internet at my office has been down, so it’s been nice to have lots to read on my iPad – not to mention access to my favorite blogs!

      I also think there’s something “homey” about the basket of magazines that reside near the couch in our living room. Many friends come over and head there first to get all comfy and scan through them. I can’t imagine that completely going away – well anytime soon anyways.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
      ~ Jen

  2. I do the same thing Emily does!! I love tearing pages out of magazines. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buying an e-reader yet either. I love the feel and smell of a real book in my hands.

    I do, however, recycle!!!

  3. i do have to say… i do like reading mags on david’s iphone. but i cannnnnnn’t give up my physical subscriptions. i recycle everything, and share like nuts, and i just love the tactile satisfaction of ripping something out of a ‘zine to keep!

    • oh I hear you…it is a struggle for me…and alas, the pile hasn’t gotten that much shorter yet. I try, but, like you, I’m the queen of ripping out things and saving them for the future!!

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