Today, my 5-year-old Grandson, Hunter was chosen to call “PLAY BALL” before the San Francisco Giant’s baseball game. In a word, he was AMAZING!!!!

and, no, I don’t think I’m biased!

Here’s a video of his “amazingness” (click below to view)

I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many proud moments in my life….about a million with my daughters (Mimi and Libby) and another million with my husband (Pops) and a gazillion with other family members (including my mom and nephew Ty) and friends and today just added another huge moment to all those memories!

I know my proud moments with Hunter and his younger Westly are still only just beginning and I truly hope to not miss a single one of them! not ever!

I promise, Hunter didn’t even seem nervous at all. He was like a “professional announcer”.  I see a lot of him taking after Pops and Libby. Neither one of them is shy at all and they both have incredible speaking abilities. Ok, ok, I know he’s only 5 and I know he only said 2 words into the microphone, but that’s the kind of Lita I am….the adoring, gushing kind. I promise, I didn’t even cry today when everything was happening. I was too busy taking photographs and trying not missing anything. (I will admit though that I’ve sobbed a bit in writing and putting together this post. Again, it’s just the kind of Lita I am.)

Here are some more amazing images of the day:

Robert, Libby and Hunter on the field - Robert's filming me jumping up and down in excitement! I'll spare you from that.
The family having their media shot taken.
The proud mommy Libby
Family photo op!
Hunter meets "Lou Seal" the Giant's mascot
And, of course, they become instant buddies!
Then Hunter needed a moment to focus his mind....see how serious he is?
getting ready and....
preparations are made and....
Then the new "star" waves to the camera
and 41,833 fans see him and cheer!!!

(and I promise, I still wasn’t crying like a baby)

Family Hug!
And now time to go enjoy the game!!

…..on a side note, can you see the pin Hunter is wearing above on his SF Giant’s shirt? It’s a pin from 1989 of our friend Tim Flannery for “Flan Appreciation Day” when he played for the San Diego Padres. He’s now the 3rd base coach for the Giants…so not only did I get to see my amazing Hunter perform for the masses…but we got to see our buddy at his best, too……just a little bonus for Pops & I…wow, what a day!


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  1. How cute is Hunter’s play ball video! I’m so happy he got to do this. What a happy memory for him….

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