There are about a bazillion
(yes, that’s a word as far as I’m concerned)
reasons why I love, love, love my nephew Ty.

Ty (bo)

If you could hear his sweet little voice, it would melt your heart, and you would absolutely love him too.
On my trip to New England (which I still have tons to share about with you) my mother flew up from Florida with Ty! I was so thrilled and so very appreciative that my sister-in-law Tania and her fiance´ Ben shared him with us. I completely understand why it would be so very hard to be away from him.

As you can see, Ty is handsome which is one reason to adore him.

Who wouldn’t be if there mom was Tania of indobay, inc. (yes, the artist from my first giveaway and my gorgeous sister-in-law)?

So, you could love him for that reason, but that’s not my main reason.

Of course, Ty is precious – as most 8 year-old boys (and all children) are in my opinion.
So, you could love him, as you love all children, but again, that’s not my main reason.

Ty also has impeccable manners.
The “pleases” and “thank yous” were flowing our whole trip. No reminders or prompts either.
So, you could love him for that. Also, not my main reason.

So, now I’ll tell you, the main reason I simply adore Ty is that he’s a star.
As my brother watches over him from heaven, I simply know, aside from giving him so much of his personality and his talents, he gave him his sparkle. Yes, my brother was a star too.

And while I know that Ty is very much his own person, he also has 1,000 percent of my brother’s shine.

While being with him could bring on lots of sadness, I can honestly say, that the the thrill of spending time with this amazing little man, brings me nothing but joy.
It’s impossible to be with him and not just smile from the inside out.

So, this trip with Ty….in a word, WOW!

Wow because so many of my (our) relatives got to see him for the first time. As none of us live near them in New England anymore, it can prove quite difficult to keep up.

Towards the end of the trip, Ty counted 45 new relatives he’d met (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc.).
AND he hasn’t met them all….yet.

When I see my large family of wonderful people, I couldn’t be more grateful to have had two Irish, Catholic Grandfathers and my loving Grandmothers who made this all possible.

I honestly hope that everyone knows the joy of such an amazing family.

And, because it meant so much to me to have Ty with us on this trip, I devote this post to him and the joy and fun and love he shared with all of us.

To bring a little smile to your day, I’d like to share some photos of “fun with Ty” here.

Though we were only there 4 days, we did so very much.

Half of our days began here….Dunkin’ Donuts
(side note: I asked for soy milk in my coffee here and, of course, they didn’t have any. When the lady gave us a blank stare, Ty told her that I’m lactose intolerant – I guess that’s one way to put it :)

Oh yeah baby!

Ty is definitely a “boys” boy. Here he is below contemplating foosball hockey with my cousin Serenity’s son, Jack.

Nothing but Fun!

(another side note: notice the gorgeous woman front and center in the photo below – my Memere. She simply has the softest, most wrinkle free skin at age 92. And check out that shiny, bright white hair – I seriously hope I track off those genes.)

Ty with his Grandma and Great-Grandmother (Memere)

We dragged Ty all over the place and he never complained. One of the fun days we had was in Cape Cod at my Aunt Ellen & Uncle Bob’s house there. Here are a few photos from that day. They have an amazing house and yard and garden (more on that later).

Being cute and silly and fun!
Rolling down the hill in his Aunt Ellen & Uncle Bob's Cape Cod Yard
Playing Ball with his Cousin Peek-a-Boo (yes, she's named after the skier)

After the cook-out at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, we went to a Cape Cod Baseball League game (more on that later, too). What a perfect way to spend a summer evening.

Of course, Ty's a Red Sox fan - it's in the genes.

A big part of the trip was planned for the wedding of my cousin Kim and her fiance´CJ. Here we are pre-ceremony which took place on the beautiful Sturbridge Common. It was a beautiful summer evening. I still haven’t gone through all the gorgeous photos I took that day.

Getting ready for cousin Kim's wedding with Grandma and cousin Mikey

Another highlight from the trip was visiting my dearest friend Maura and seeing her two sons Tim and my Godson Michael. They have a pool, so with the weather being so warm and humid, it was a real joy to go for a dip.

Pool fun with Tim and Michael

Here’s a photo of our family from 1977. The little boy on the right is my brother, though, when Ty saw the picture, he thought it was him.

The Welch clan 1977

Thank you Ty for being one of the biggest joys in my life and for making this trip so much fun.

I love you,
~ Auntie Jen (aka Lita)


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  1. I totally enjoyed this post. It was great to see how well your grandmother looks. And I’m so glad you had a great time in Southbridge.

  2. Love everything about this post! That first pic of the little bubs is too darn cute, if I do say so myself! Sparkle…I will have to remember that word. I’ve always said that Ty, like John, has that “likeability” factor. It’s that quality that you just can’t put your finger on but whatever it is it draws people to them. Sparkle…I like your word better! ;)

    It looks like much fun was had by all. Oh, and that garden…Wow!!! :)

  3. LOVE his page!!!!!! He changed so much, so handsome! YES, the photo of your brother looks him. It lookes like fun was had. I wished I was there to enjoy is laughter.

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