This recipe could inspire you to melt chocolate on just about anything you have in the cupboards!

chocolate nut bar ingredients
3 Key Ingredients - Expand from there!!

Over this past Thanksgiving weekend, I was so very happy to be able to spend some time with my friend Wendy – a fabulous cook who makes incredible vegan dishes (remember the vegan sweet and sour meatballs? YUM!) She lives on the East Coast, so I only get to see her when she’s out visiting her boyfriend (the protea gardener) and, we all find ourselves down at the Ranch.

I have many recipes and ideas from this past weekend, but this one, well, it was the one I was obsessed with! I couldn’t stop thinking about making it on our 5 hour drive home. It’s super easy, super tasty and (this part I love) can be altered in about a million ways depending on what you have available (that goes with chocolate).

Here’s how Wendy made her bars:

  • 1 bag vegan chocolate chips (or dark chocolate chips) melted
  • 6 graham crackers
  • 1 1/2 cups toasted almonds

1. Line a baking dish with parchment paper – or coat with vegan butter.

2. Place graham crackers along the bottom of the pan.

3. Top with toasted almonds.

4. Pour melted chocolate over the top, set in refrigerator to cool.

5. When set, break into pieces and serve.

Sound easy?

It is and trust me it’s DELISH too – I should know as I think I ate more pieces than anyone else over the weekend!

graham crackers, melting chocolate

graham crackers nuts chocolates

I wanted to make my bars exactly the same as these and had already added the ingredients to this week’s shopping list. Then, looking through the cupboards, I saw I already had vegan chocolate chips, graham crackers and toasted walnuts.

I figured that was a sign and, the bars were meant to be made immediately!

As I was making them, I dreamed about these additional ingredients that could be used:

  • Soy Energy Blend (from Costco containing toasted soy nuts, almonds, pumpkin kernels and cranberries)
  • vegan marshmallows
  • bananas
  • pretzels
  • chow mein noodles (yes, you read that correctly)

    Yes, I did have to try them.

The options are endless and since this dessert is so easy, I think I will be making it quite often!

Let me know if you try it with other alternatives – I love talking chocolate!

Thank you again Wendy for the wonderful recipe – I miss your company (and delicious cooking) already!
~ Lita


6 Comments on Meatless Monday – Graham Chocolate Nut Bars

  1. The walnuts will definitely give that different crunch. This can be serve for snacks or desserts I guess. Something that both kids and adults will love! I was wondering about chow mein noodles, did it taste good?

    • oh and I just LOVE walnuts. I definitely have to make it that way next time. Ok, the chow mein noodles were definitely not my “favorite” choice…but they were a good means to holding the chocolate!!

  2. So glad you put the recipe on your site! It really was delicious. I miss your company already too (was just telling a friend about you: ) Looking forward to the next get together!

    • Oh my gosh…I’d love to say that I haven’t been eating a ton of this…but I would be fibbing!! It’s so yummy!! The graham crackers just make it I think…I need to be doing those double daily ranch hikes now!!

      Hope to see you soon…New Years maybe!!

  3. Jen! I made your lentil soup this weekend and it was super easy and super yummy!! The only alteration I made to it was to add carrots AND cauliflower instead of one or the other. :) My husband even liked it!! Thank you!!

    This is next on my list to try! I love easy stuff!

    • Oh yeah!! I’m so glad you tried it AND liked it!! Yes, I bet carrots and cauliflower worked great!! I’m addicted to the chocolate now…be careful!!

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