Breakfast at Lita's Word

Just for fun, I thought I’d post some photos of a typical breakfast around our house.

I know for some people it’s easy to skip breakfast even if you know that it’s not good for you to do so.

I’m not much of a cereal eater and I’m not fond of starting my day with some sort of pastry/sugary item. For me, somehow starting the day with a sugary treat means I’m more likely to eat poorly all day long. I’m not sure why this is so, but I accept that it is.

Many days a smoothie accompanies what we have for breakfast. I usually blend smoothies with frozen bananas, vegan vanilla soy yogurt, vegan protein powder, almond milk and whatever sort of frozen fruit we have on hand.

Today’s breakfast also included an “eggless” scramble made with chopped onion, mushroom, olives, sundried tomatoes and vegan sausage:

breakfast scramble

As you can see, I tend to like my scrambles served on a tortilla – thought Pops would much rather have toast spread with jelly with his.

We’ve found we really like to have a side of beans with our breakfast too:

Today I opened a can of Amy’s Kitchen Organic Vegetarian (vegan) beans.

Amy's Organic Vegetarian Beans

I also heated up some little baby potatoes today just because I had some:

baby golden potatoes

And, finally, because I had 1/2 a tomato waiting to be consumed, I chopped it up and topped my scramble with it.

breakfast scramble topped with chopped fresh tomato


Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast of champions!!

I love starting the day in the kitchen cooking, and with a nice warm belly full of healthy food.

What kind of breakfast did you start your day with today??