You really don’t want anything from anyone.

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  1. Lita, I am reading the kind diet…I’m gonna take it on, as a trial for the next two weeks no meet or diary for me! :) A little nervous, but totally excited. What are some basics that I should get, beans for protein right? Also the fish product you spoke about at whole foods, what is it called. I need all the direction I can get!!

    • Hi Shannon,

      So glad you’re loving the book and giving a vegan diet a try! Nuts…get some nuts…great protein..I usually eat a handful in the morning to start the day off. The “fish” fillets are from Sophie’s. The Whole Foods by you is out right now…they’re on backorder. I was there yesterday trying to buy some and I asked. I’ll let you know when they’re back in. They were delish!! I’m working on a post with some of my favorites in it…I’ll have it up soon! Happy Meatless Monday! ~ Lita

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