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Instead of sharing just one of my vegan loves, this week I’d like to share three.

The first, a newbie added just this week to my grocery cart (I believe they’re pretty new all-around):

Tofurky Pizzas

Tofurky Pizza

Pops and I actually had this, alongside a salad, for dinner last night. It was one of those quick and easy mealtimes.

The verdict: TASTY!

I really enjoyed the fire-roasted taste the veggies had even though I wasn’t too sure about it at first. I did cook the pizza a bit longer than the directions stated because we tend to like our pizzas on the crispy side. I believe there were at least 3 other varieties to try and I’m sure we will be trying them.

Read more from the Tofurky site here.

Our second tasty treat of the week is the:

Field Roast from Grain Meat Co.

Vegan Field Roast

Honestly people, if you never try anything else I ever suggest, try this roast.

It is simply that delicious!!

We had one at Thanksgiving to go along with our Tofurky and, we actually had one tonight for dinner. Tonight I made it along with mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, salad, warm rolls and gravy. The best part is there are plenty of leftovers. The leftover slices are really good in sandwiches too. This is now a staple in our lives. It’s hearty, tasty and filling. It’s available in this 2.0 pound size and smaller portions also.

Visit the Field Roast website and read more.

And now, for our final “Love” of the week:

Kind Bars

Kind Bars

Possibly you would consider this a misfit in the group since it’s shown with the other two “meal” items, but actually, these bars are pretty much my breakfast everyday.

I just love them and they start my day off with some vitamins and protein. They’re my latest addiction. And I’ve found buying a box of them through Amazon is quite convenient (and less expensive than individually purchased in the stores).

Visit the Kind Snacks site here.

Let me know if you try any of these items and share what you think. Also, as always, please share with me any vegan products you’ve found that you love too.

~ Lita

P.S. None of these companies know who I am. They are not paying me or compensating me in any way for my opinion, I’m just sharing what I love.


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