Nia Peeples

Today is my good friend Nia’s 49th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Nia!

And, as you read this, Pops and I are heading down to Malibu to spend the weekend with her and her husband Sam.

I’m really looking forward to this trip for many reasons. Of course, there’s that we’re celebrating Nia’s birthday.
In addition, we’re also celebrating at a birthday breakfast on Saturday morning with the crew of Nia’s Elements of Life!

I’m very excited to meet this fabulous group of Nia’s friends that I know only via email,
Facebook & Twitter. Though I’m sad the whole crew can’t be there –
some live as far away as Sweden (we’ll miss you Jessica),
it WILL be wonderful to meet those who can make it.

A little about the photos above:
They were all taken in France when we were there for the Cannes Film Festival last May.
While there are about a bazillion gorgeous photos of Nia in the world,
I love these simply because they’re attached to fun memories of our trip.
I admit I especially love the first one where Pops & Nia are laughing –
We spent a lot of time in France doing just that, and
I know this weekend will be just the same!

Happy Friday Everyone!
~ Lita

UPDATE: ugh, after I wrote this, we found out we couldn’t make the trip this weekend!!Pops fell and has an MRI tonight on his shoulder. He’s been in lots of pain and may have a torn rotator cuff and need surgery. Please send all the healing energy and prayers you can his way. Thank You, ~ Lita


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  1. Hey Jen- So sorry to hear the reason you won’t be making the trip. As you can imagine, Pauli has had a similar injury several years ago. He opted not to have the surgery though, because the rehab was so long with no guarantees of improvement. His shoulder continued to hurt so he had a recheck & now it’s not possible to do the surgery because everything has retracted too much. Hope you’re holding up ok; you have my sympathy as does Jimmi.
    PS, I think my protea plant is gettng a bud!
    xoxo, Carol

    • Carol – I shared Pauli’s story with Jimi. We should hear from the doctor in a couple of days what the MRI shows…ugh! I hope the doctors make the decision easy for him.

      a BUD!!!! woohoo…send photos…or post them on FB when it blooms – how very exciting!!

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