Mrs. May's Almond CrunchYep, vegans love to snack too!!

One of my FAVORITE nut snacks is Mrs. May’s Almond Crunch!!


So stinkin’ tasty!!! I love having a couple pieces – especially while sitting at my desk in the afternoons. They’re so satisfying and yummy!

Mrs. May's Almond Crunch

Mrs. May’s makes a ton of other tasty, vegan snacks too – check out their site or your local store for more. (I love the Cashew Crunch and Sunflower Crunch ,too. The Trio Bars and Sesame Strips are super tasty too!)

Have you tried any of the Mrs. May’s products? Do you have a favorite? Let me know below – there are some I haven’t tried yet.

Happy MoFo,



P.S. I have not been compensated by anyone for sharing my love of Mrs. May’s snacks – I’m pretty sure the company doesn’t even know who I am. Just sharing!


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    • Kylie,

      I hope you like it!!!! I think I’m addicted to the almond crunch and then I try the cashew one and I think I’m addicted to that one :) Enjoy ~ Jen

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