Should we? Shouldn’t we? Should we? Shouldn’t we? This is the ongoing conversation Pops and I have been having for about 2 weeks now.

The question “Go on an Alaskan Cruise?”

Today, Pop’s answered that question when he called me to tell me he booked our trip for the end of July. We’re going on a 2 day trip to Vancouver, a 7 day cruise to Alaska and then a 3 day tour of Denali National Park.


Can I be honest here? The most exciting part about this trip so far is that Pop’s has handled all the arrangements. This is a ‘new’ feature in our marriage as of late, and I LOVE IT!

I truly love not planning everything – though I do have a tendency to be a “control freak” at times. (and, of course, I rarely admit that)

So, here are some details of the trip we have planned:

First, 2 days in the Vancouver area with a trip to Victoria and the Butchart Gardens.

Butchart gardens view
Butchart Gardens

Second, 7 days of cruising from Vancouver to Whittier. We’ll be stopping in the towns of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway along the way.

map of our Alaskan Cruise
Details of our cruise route

Next, 3 days of touring in Denali National Park.

Denali Nat'l Park

Finally, we fly home from Whittier.

Thankfully, I’ll have a day or two to recover and then it’s off to Blogher in San Diego!! YAHOO!!

So, anyone want to join us? Mom?!?!?

And, does anyone have tips and information on where we’ll be heading – any part? Have you gone before? Anything we shouldn’t miss? Please share!!

Princess Cruise Ship

~ Lita


3 Comments on Alaska

  1. OMG I was reading through your blogs and saw this! Small world! You will love Denali. You guys won’t be dissapointed! How fun!

    Will follow up to hear about your trip after!


  2. I’ve been on an Alaskan cruise before!! Albeit, it was when I was 13, but I still remember how WONDERFUL it was! Cold, crisp air…ice crackling in the water…seals on ice chips in the water…whales splashing…drinking cold, clear water from a 1000 year old glacier! I remember all of that as a 13 year old, so I can only imagine how wonderful it would be now!!! Yay! You are going to love it, Jen!

    • Oh Erin!!! I’m so excited and now your post makes me even more so!!! I just really think I’m going to get the most fabulous photos on this trip. Everyone we’ve spoken to has said that the trip is so memorable and beautiful. How fantastic that those happy memories have stuck in your mind! I LOVE IT!! Tomorrow begins “Blog Birthday Week” for me…Day 1 – is all about your Scentsy!! Can’t wait!

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