Of course, we couldn’t go on vacation and return with nothing for our precious bulldog, so, here’s what Bubba-loo received:

Bubba in his Harley sweatshirt
Stylish boy

His very own, stylish, Harley sweatshirt (with hood).

He paraded his “beefcake” look all around our town this morning – to a lot of positive reviews.

Bubba in his sweatshirt
he decided he didn't need the hood on this morning - though he looks even tougher when it's on

He was very pleased with himself after his “fashion parade” was over.

bubba in the car in his sweatshirt
here he is contemplating his next fashion statement

What will the Spring styles bring???

bubba in sweatshirt
his "beefy" side pose

Only time will tell, but for now, he’s “rockin'” his new sweatshirt!

~ Lita