blog birthday week day 3

Are you ready for day #3…wow three days in so far.

Today, it’s not scented and it’s nothing to do with being vegan or green, today, it’s all about being “girlie”! Yep, even though I’m a vegan and a green gal, I’m also very “girlie”. A frugalista girl at that – as I love a deal or a cool hand-me-down.

As you recall, I was in Texas last week, and while I was there I went to one of my favorite stores – Sam Moon. One thing I love about Sam Moon is the watches!

Now they’re just fashion watches and not very expensive at all, but, truly, they are so much fun, pretty and actually really cool looking. I often get compliments on the ones I wear – and people often think they’re worth a lot more than what I paid for them.

While I was there, I picked up this cutie pie:

Sam Moon Watch

And I’m ready to give it away to one very special follower.

To enter, really simply, just comment below and share some of your “girliest” loves. It can be a favorite nail polish, perfume, purse, shoe – really whatever you have that gives you that extra “girlie” oomph when you wear it.

And, once again if you’d like additional entries, you can:

  • Like Lita’s World on Facebook and leave a comment here on this blog saying you’ve done so, and
  • Follow Lita’s World on Twitter and leave a comment here on this blog letting me know, and
  • Become a follower – either subscribe through a reader, or through the side menus using either Google Friend Connect, your email address, or the BlogFrog link. Just leave another comment here letting me know you’ve done this – YES, subscribe through all of them and each one is another entry.

That’s a lot of entries possible per person!!! Truly, I know I benefit the most by getting more lovely and adorable Thank You!

You have until this Friday, January 28th at 5 pm Pacific time to enter. The winner will be selected using and posted Saturday morning.

Good Luck and thanks so much for entering and, well, for just being here!!!
~ Lita

P.S. I’m not being compensated in any way for sharing how much I love Sam Moon…just sharing what I love because, well, it’s what I do.


16 Comments on Blog Birthday Week Day 3 – Sam Moon Watch

  1. I love big chunky bracelets. Absolute must! I also love being girlie with my oldest daughter who’s 4. She’s a super diva:) It’s all about manicures, pedicures, hairdos and fashion.

  2. I like my press on nails….cheap, easy & stays the fair amount of time before I get sick of it….LOL, hope it’s not too late for my “girlie” entry.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, Jen! I love my sparkly high heels, and a mani-pedi. (don’t tell Jim, I don’t want to ruin my image ha ha) Don’t do either very often, but I got the mani-pedi yesterday. And I love this purse!

  4. Not too girlie, but I have my moments…probably dangling earrings and lip stain with gloss:)

    • Yahoo!! Robin, you’re the winner!! Thank you so much for entering!! Please send me your address and I’ll get the watch out to you!!

  5. I love watches. Have some that need new batteries but am slowly getting them in working order again.

  6. Love the give aways and Sam Moon shwag is just the thing for me! I love lip gloss!!! I love pony tails and braids!!! I love my long hair!!! That is my most girlie trait.

  7. Enter me in for this girlie girl contest. The girlie girl thing i LOVE to do is get a pedicure! Nice, clean, pretty toes…. =)

  8. Very cute watch! I’m not a super girlie, but I love wearing sandals after getting a pedicure! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I have to keep better track of my blog reader, for sure! Look at what I almost missed …

    My favorite “girlie” thing right now is amber musk natural perfume. It’s, like, sexy and heady and sooo exotically intoxicating! (And natural. Did I mention natural?)

    Woohoo! Tweeting this right now, lady!

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