How true is it when they say as you get older the days, weeks and months move by faster? I can hardly believe it is almost August this year! Summer seems to be just flying by. I’m currently on a “social-media-fast” – not just as an experiment, but as an effort to understand what is good for me in the future. I’ll get more into that in another post, but just thought I’d give you a “heads-up” if you don’t see me online commenting and “liking” a lot lately.

Dahlia garden at SF botanical garden


Oh my gosh, a lot has already happened this summer! Our daughters Mimi and Libby and our Grandsons Hunter and Westly and our son-in-law Robert and all their pets kicked it off by living with us for a couple of months before moving to their new home in Denver.

They’re off to begin-again in Denver, Colorado and I’m so excited to have a new place to visit (and happy that they’re not really that far away in flying time!)

Then, Jimi’s sister Holly and her husband Ed came for a visit and a few days of California fun!

Hiking at Land of Medicine Buddha
Ed, Holly, Jimi and I posing while hiking at Land of Medicine Buddha

We’ve got a few fun trips coming up and my intent is to keep up a bit better here using my blog as a digital journal while keeping my online life in perspective (and not getting carried away with followers and likes, but by being truly authentic for myself and my future readers!).

This post in fact is a bit of test as I’m writing it all on my iPad – hopefully making my life simpler in this small way and having the ability to write and add photos with less effort. As always, my life is a work in progress and I’m grateful for whoever is following along on this joy-filled ride!

By the way, the first photo was taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens this past week. They have a garden full or dahlias right now – to me the most beautiful flower (especially with the countless designs the bloom can take). I’ll share a few more photos of these gorgeous flowers soon.

Happy Summer Everyone!