You know you’re in Texas when chocolate is combined with Bacon:

chocolate Bacon Bar
I think (hope) only in Texas!

Day 2 in Texas started with a java, a bit of Twitter and then a lovely pedicure and manicure…trust me, though it’s winter my tootsies needed it!

pedicured toes
I'm kinda partial to "dark" toes right now.

Sorry, you probably didn’t really want to see a photo of my feet, but today, there wasn’t much else to photograph on this grey Texan day.

Well, unless you consider a photo of “Sam Moon” (aka the mother ship of all import stores) a gem of a photo, then you’re in luck…

Sam Moon
Sam Moon aka shopping JOY!

If you’ve never been to Sam Moon, then get ready, they have a web site – just click the link. I must say, the site is good, but simply doesn’t compare to being there. They have every style purse, wallet, belt, scarf, hat, hair piece, bracelet, watch, etc. etc. etc. that you could even imagine and the prices are low, Low, LOW!

Stay tuned for “Birthday Blog Week” beginning January 24th for a giveaway from my latest trek there.

After my annual visit to Sam Moon, I returned to Central Market. I think I just truly love food. Which must be why at home I can roam the brand new incredibly huge and awesomely lit (yes that design feature is important to me) Whole Foods for hours (literally). Here, they have Central Market. I was there yesterday, back again today – which is where I purchased said bacon flavored chocolate bar for my Grandsons as they really love bacon. I anticipate that I will visit this store at least 1 more time before we leave Fort Worth. I just love checking out and trying new food items.

Is it a vegan thing? a foodie thing? a woman thing? or what? any thoughts? (and, no, I don’t think it’s a high hormonal time right now)

Tomorrow, I’m hoping (pushing) for visiting the stockyards and rodeo here in Fort Worth which might give me more interesting photos and tales to blog about….

until then hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend,
~ Lita


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  1. I’ve been to Sam Moon and I have to say that store overwhelms me! LOL! There is WAY too much stuff in there!! So tell me, did you buy anything??

    • Oh I know…it’s nutso in there! I did buy a couple of things…I have a watch I’m going to use as a giveaway next week on my blog birthday – I also bought some little bracelets for my Goddaughter and a couple of treats for the women here at the office. The item for me…a lovely brown purse – which although I don’t need, I just couldn’t pass up!

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