Day 1 has been very relaxing so far.

Happy to say, Pop’s mom, Mimi (yes, our youngest daughter is named after her) is doing well at 90 years of age. She’s a real Southern lady and still makes it to the beauty parlor every week to have her hair and nails done. She also always looks immaculate…fully put together accessories and all. I wish I could say the same about myself. To me, there’s something truly admirable about her. She inspires me to make an effort to look nice – though I’m sure the days of lounging in sweatpants and t-shirts will never be far behind me.

Also, happy to say that the temperature outside has risen a bit. Pops and I just took our daily stroll through this lovely country club neighborhood and it actually felt really good out – even though the color is a bit grey.

Almost every trip out here, Pops and I make our way over to Weatherford for one reason or another. Mimi is from Weatherford and his father and brother (and other family) are buried in the cemetery there. Honestly, I really enjoy the town square in Weatherford. In Mimi’s childhood, her family owned a grocery store and lived on the square. There’s just something charming about the square…at least for me.

One of the very charming places is the Weatherford Cafe where we stop every visit for lunch.

Weatherford Cafe
Artwork painted on one wall in the cafe.

I always, always order a sweet tea and the 3 veggie plate with a roll. Vegan comfort food at it’s finest I tell you!

Menu at Weatherford Cafe

The “pre” vegan Lita would’ve definitely ordered the Fried Catfish…gotta live it up when you’re visiting the South. Today, I had corn, pinto beans, okra and a roll…YUM!

At the center of the square is the Parker County Courthouse.

Parker County Courthouse

A very stately place. Once when we were in town for a family reunion, we had a very special tour inside. Pop’s great-great Grandfather was the first judge of Parker County – Andrew Jackson Hunter. There is actually an engraved stone on the western edge of the building with his name carved into it.

We’re off now for dinner and more visiting with Pop’s sister, Holly.

G’night Y’all,
~ Lita