Using the word “fabulous” in the title is my secret way of trying to uplift myself today.

Sorry, I’ve been a slack blogger this week…I kind of have the blahsssssssss…..


I can find no reason why! Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

I started trying to figure out “what’s going on”, “what could it be”, (“who to blame it on”) and decided it’s nothing, it’s just what is right now.

So, instead of wasting precious energy (which I don’t feel like I have much of) on the “why’s” of it all, I’m going to choose to just let it be, count my blessings, wish all of you a very


and just breathe.

Oh, and share this photo I found on my hard drive, that I took last Spring. I just made it my screensaver.

It’s pretty and makes me feel peaceful…

close-up of a flower from Mickie's garden

~ Lita