(warning…if you’re town/house/state is still under snow, this could be depressing)

Today, on our morning walk, Pops and I noticed that the trees are starting to bloom all over town.

blooming tree

We did agree, that this is probably a bit early and fear that some crazy cold-snap could easily still be heading our way.

Usually, said cold (& rainy) weather will arrive over our anniversary weekend – which coincides with President’s Day weekend later this month.

Still, these blooms were beautiful to admire and along with the warm sunshine, could only bring upon a feelings of joy and happiness.

close-up of blooming tree buds

That is, until we got home and, I had the bright idea to roam around the yard to see what bulbs might be coming up or what blooms might be getting ready to open.

Then, I found this:

rosebush killed by a gopher

the latest “victim” to the rosebush-eating-gopher I have living in my yard!

Why, oh why, oh why is this critter determined to work it’s way through my rose garden!! You can even see that this bush was starting to produce some new foliage.


He left his signature “teeth” marks…

gnawed rose bush base

and then I went out and left him a bunch of garden soil sprinkled with chili powder and cayenne pepper. Hope he likes his snacks HOT!

And, I hope it works at keeping him away!
~ Lita


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    • Oh how I wish I could take him out…but darn it, I can barely squash a mosquito anymore!! Cayenne huh?? Seriously, I’m going to Costco this weekend and I’m getting their largest container of it…maybe even 2 and I’m sprinkling it all over the place. I’m going to be really bummed if that booger attacks my veggies later ugh!! I’ll keep you posted…thanks for the tip!!

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