Babycakes Bakery at Downtown Disney

If you’ve been following my Central Florida trip adventures on Facebook, you know that I was super excited to visit the new Babycakes Bakery at Downtown Disney.

WOW! Everything looked absolutely delicious!!

I especially loved that they give you a view into their kitchens – so you can watch what they’re baking (and get some tips, too).

I got to see these super yummy cinnamon rolls come out of the oven – and, of course, I had to sample one!

Babycakes cinnamon rollse

I will certainly not confess to the number of cupcakes we decided to bring home with us, but I will tell you each flavor has been FABULOUS!

(trust me we tried many – hey, I’m on vacation, right?!)

Babycakes Cupcakes

I picked up the Babycakes cookbook too.

babycakes cookbook

I’ll be sure to share the recipes as I try them. The recipes are:

100% vegan and gluten free sign at Babycakes

and, as the cover of the cookbook says, (Mostly) Sugar-Free – a bonus!

Babycakes is now in 3 locations – New York, Los Angeles and Downtown Disney. I’m seriously hoping they’re considering a San Francisco location – which I heard they may be.

If you find yourself near one, and have time to try just 1 flavor of cupcake – go for the red velvet…trust me, you won’t regret it!

Babycakes Bakery in Downtown Disney

~ Lita