So, so sorry for the delay with this day’s winners – the LOVE has just been overwhelming…and I’m simply basking in it!!

The two winners of the cookbook of their choice are:


Favorite foods are fruits and veggies. I’m not vegan, but love all the fresh things and try to do as little processed food as possible. I recently discovered some soft dried mango strips with little powdery soft sugar on them at TJs, and they are yummy! My 5year olds love them, too.

and, Bonnie Sue

When I was younger, much younger. I loved grilled cheese with peanut butter on top just as it is done cooking so the peanut butter melts a bit.
Right now it’s pecans. I just seem to want them added to everything.

Thank you so much to all who entered! I will be emailing the winners to get your addresses and which cookbook you would like to receive.

Now, for a moment of calm in the week, before the handbag giveaway winner is announced, here’s a photo from my phone of a morning hike we took this week.

Our house (and most of the valley) was completely fogged in when we awoke, so we decided to hike “up high” in the hills. Luckily, the sun was shining away up there and the temperature was delightful!

Bubba knows that this walk is an out-and-back and he always, always lags behind to try to minimize the number or steps he has to take. Here he is watching and waiting for us as we reach the turn-around point.

What a little (but cute) stinker!

~ Lita