For anyone who thinks it’s “No Fun” being vegan, here are a few steps we take around this household to have some:

Step 1 – Bake the fudge vegan brownies from the mix you purchased a few weeks ago.

Vegan Brownie
Vegan Fudge Brownie

Step 2 – Top with your favorite non-dairy frozen delight. (Optional – heat up the brownie before topping)

Purely Decadent
Just like the title....this is PURELY DECADENT

(and possibly sneak an extra bite of this Praline Pecan yumminess into your mouth when no one’s looking – yes, I have a weakness here)

Stack it on there as high as you can.

Step 3 – Top with your favorite Soy whipped cream (or make your own).

Soy Whip
This is my favorite brand - pure yumminess!

Step 4 – Add some chocolate, nuts, sprinkles. If you want to add a bit of healthiness, you can even add slices of banana or sliced strawberries, etc. I love it because the options are endless!

vegan brownie sundae
I kept it simple here - just some chocolate sauce on top.

Step 5 – Forget that there’s only been 2 of you in the house all week and, with a pan of brownies to work your way through, you’ve been eating this dessert every.single.night. Just simply Enjoy!!

(next week consider making a fruit salad)
~ Lita



6 Comments on Vegan (Brownie) Sundae

    • ugh unfortunately, we’ve finished the WHOLE pan!! Now, I have to figure out what to make for the next dessert treat!

    • I think I’ve now eaten enough of them to be ready for a dessert change. I never thought that would happen…but after a week of them, I’m ready for something new. I’ll be looking through the recipe books this weekend :)

    • :) we’re definitely working our way through that pan…I wish they weren’t so tasty…gotta head to the gym today – something has to counterbalance this face stuffing especially with summer coming!

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