I have a feeling we’re going to be making quite a few trips to the beach this summer if we’ll have as much fun as we had this past weekend.

Here in Northern California the weather at the coast can be hit or miss in the summertime – you can have a gorgeous sunny day or the fog can roll in and you can have a super cold and windy day – yes, even in the summertime. We live on the eastern side of the Santa Cruz mountains – about 1/2 an hour from Santa Cruz and, luckily, we can usually tell when it’s a foggy day over at the coast.

We happened to hit a perfect day last weekend. We like to go to our favorite “dog” beach in Santa Cruz so that Bubba can have a bit of a romp too.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t at all as prepared as I like to be – no sunscreen (thankfully Mimi had some), minimal snacks, no chairs, no umbrella and no toys….none. I was actually a bit pessimistic and thought it wouldn’t be a very nice day. I thought it would be a bit cool and windy.

Luckily, it was a GREAT day. Though I forgot the toys, these 2 cutie pies had fun especially because there were….


the boys playing with sticks on the beach

Big sticks, little sticks…it didn’t matter.

Westly flipping a stick

As long as they could pick them up and throw them into the waves, or flip them around on the beach. It was all good.

boys on the log at the beachEven logs worked..they rode them, beat them like drums and even smashed shells on them.

For the boys, that was all the fun they needed.

For me and Pops, all we needed was to see them running and laughing and having fun.

Hunter & Westly at the beach

Perfect day…I hope we have many more this summer!

Happy Summertime (or almost summertime depending upon where you live.)
~ Lita


6 Comments on Beach Toy Advice

  1. Sometimes the simplest of things are the most effective. When my son was little he did what every boy does…made a toy gun. (I wouldn’t buy any for him. You know.) So, an old curling iron of mine became his favorite toy.

    • Isn’t that the truth…kids really seem to just be able to play with anything…especially at their ages 6 and 2 1/2 – they just find fun and never complain of being bored. I’m sure that time is coming though, so I’ll just enjoy these moments now :)

    • Me too..I love listening to their little conversations too when they’re trying to make up how the “game” goes…it’s just too cute!

  2. Great pictures, glad the boys found something to play with! I’m so convinced we need to make a trip down to Santa Cruz now, that beach looks beautiful (and not totally packed like the boardwalk.) We live up by Sacramento so Santa Cruz isn’t too far for us. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    • Thanks…we’ve been trying to head over to Santa Cruz more often..it’s so close for us and really there’s just so much to do and enjoy. Sometimes we forget about it and make more complicated plans and travels when it’s really unnecessary. I just looked up a website called santacruz.travel that had a ton of ideas on it. I’m sure I’ll be posting more “beach fun” photos throughout the summer :)

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