Loving Hut

I’m not often out and about without a good plan for eating healthy meals, but a few weeks ago, I was up in San Francisco for an event with a friend of mine, and we found ourselves looking for a quick bite to eat before the evening began.

She suggested the local mall’s food court. My initial reaction was

“OH the horror!”

No, not because I’m really not that “high-maintenance”, but I have been in the position before where a rushed bite to eat ends up haunting me later – aside from the fact that it can be hard to find non-fried vegan options other than french fries in these scenarios.

How excited was I to spot the sign for Loving Hut!?!?!

Loving Hut

Have you eaten at a Loving Hut before?

It’s the fastest growing “vegan” chain restaurant.

The menus can vary a bit from location to location as the chef in each area can use his creativity to develop recipes that they think would be favorable in each locale.

The food is simply YUMMY!

My friend had never been to one before, but was more than open to giving it a try.

We started with some spring rolls.

spring rolls at Loving Hut

We were in a very dimly lit food court, so please forgive the lighting in my photos.

Trust me, these were delicious.

We shared these, some brown rice and a 2 item selection.

loving hut

It was more than enough for the two of us and we were off to our event satisfied not only by this tasty food, but with the knowledge that what we ate was made with kindness and love for us and the environment around us.

I encourage you to give Loving Hut a try if there’s one in your area. Click Here for a list of locations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and your favorite items….so then I can rush out to my local restaurant to see if they carry a similar dish.

BONUS – Loving Hut is also a nice, quick option for a “Meatless Monday“.



P.S. This is not a paid or sponsored post. Loving Hut doesn’t know who I am, and I only wrote this to share a place I love :)



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  1. My husband and I are dying for San Francisco, I truly hope we will be able to visit it next year and eat at the Loving hut! Sounds too good to be missed :)

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