Sincerely, Nia Bella Petite Column

This week my good friend, Nia Peeples (who decided to take a much needed vacation) asked me and a few other “inner circle” friends to write guest articles for her  Bella Petite column Sincerely, Nia while she’s away. Needless to say, I was excited and honored that she asked me. Nia and I tend to have the most inspiring and motivating conversations when we get together and it was nice to be able to share one of these with others. I’d love to get some feedback on my “being selfish” article, so please hope on over to Bella Petite’s site, read  the article and share your thoughts.



2 Comments on Bella Petite – Sincerely, Nia

  1. Love this! Being slowly pulled into this techno world we live in. My down time is precious so, being inspired by my very dear friend Jennifer is fab! Can’t wait to read & see more.

  2. Hey Lita,
    I’ll pop by there. I didn’t know she had a site, I remember her from Fame.

    It’s always great to surround yourself with people that inspire/motivate you.

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