Today I’m going to take a moment to brag a bit about my oldest daughter, Libby.

A couple of weeks ago she mentions to us, “I’m getting an award at a ceremony in November 8th, would you guys like to come?”.

Well, of course we do.

She mentions it so casually – which is so her way – and truly, the award is bigger than life – just like her.

Today, Libby received the 2011 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Awards Volunteer Service Award through her job at Bank of America.

Libby does so much work each year to serve the community and she is incredible at engaging  and inspiring her colleagues to also do the same through volunteer work and giving of their time.

My beautiful daughter is such a respected leader both within Bank of America and the Silicon Valley community. On her own, she’d never tell you this, and I couldn’t be prouder to let you know.

She’s a true do-er not just a talk-er.

AND, I couldn’t be prouder.

Love you so much Libby!

Always & Forever,



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