Valentine’s Day is Coming!!

Truly, I like to celebrate absolutely any reason to spread love in this world!!

To celebrate this Valentine’s I’m giving away another vegan handbag created by
Susan Nichole!

This will be a quick giveaway – only 4 days to enter – so that I have enough time to get the winner their bag before the BIG day!

Here’s the beautiful vegan bag I’m giving away:

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!

To enter, just let me know “what’s your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day” in the comments below.

It’s that simple!!

I can tend to be a bit of a homebody if given the chance, so for me, it’s dinner at home with my hubby and then sitting together on the couch with our French bulldog Bubba watching a movie. Nothing fancy for me…just sweet and simple time together works.

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This contest is open until Thursday February 9, 2012 at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be selected using and posted the following day (or that evening) and I’ll be sending out the bag that day too if I get a response with an address – I want to get this purse delivered in time for Valentine’s!!

Good Luck and thanks so much for entering!!!

For weekly chances to win Susan Nichole handbags, wallets and more  from her line, join Susan Nichole on Facebook every Thursday night at  10 PM/ET (7 PM/PT) for their ONLINE PURSE PARTY.

P.S. I’m not being compensated in any way for sharing how much I love any of these handbags…just sharing what I love because, well, it’s what I do.

P.P.S.  I can only ship to a winner in the U.S. or Canada…sorry, if you’re visiting from somewhere further away, but thanks for coming by!

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135 Comments on Valentine’s Day Vegan Handbag Giveaway

  1. A perfect Valentine’s day would involve being whisked away on a surprise trip somewhere tropical with my husband. :)

  2. I did all of the 5 (hope that’s the correct number of things to do for more entries) so i can hopefully win this beautiful Vegan handbag <3!I liked on facebook, I followed on twitter, became a follower, also on Pinterest and Google circles :) thanks! Tara V.

  3. My idea of a perfect Valentine is a rose and a kiss, pure love! a massage would be nice :) Happy <3 Day!!

  4. well since my hubby works valentines day we are celebrating this saturday. my husband has me scheduled to get my hairdone. hair, color and highlights :0).. then after we have a couples massage scheduled. Then we are going to order from our favorite mexican food restraunt and eat at home and watch a movie and snuggle :D

  5. Quiet dinner at home after girls are in bed…watch a movie…snuggle. Easy-peasy if he gets home at a reasonable hour!!!

  6. My favorite Valentines day would be to just sit down, cuddle and talk. No TV, no computer and no phone!!

    The bag is gorgeous, thank you!!

  7. My idea for a perfect Valentines day is waking up to my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband. What I really hope for this Valentines day is for my son to learn how to write out his name. I am hoping for a Toy Story Valentine with his name at the bottom it would make me feel so special!

  8. My perfect Valentines would be anytime i could spend with my husband. He works nights and many hours, even if we just sit on the swing in the backyard, its time well spent together and i would appreciate any of those types of “stolen moments” together!

  9. My idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day is dinner at our favorite Japanese ‘date night’ restaurant where you can find us most Tuesdays during the dinner hour and then definitely on to a movie! We LOVE movies :)

  10. My ideal V-Day would be my man bringing home dinner and eating together as a family. After some treats for the kiddos, put them to bed and Mom and Dad Close the bedroom door, drink champagne, watch a movie and relax! Nothing too special!

  11. A perfect Valentine’s would probably include a day wandering about the city, dinner at a vegan restaurant or at home, and then either going to a movie or snuggling up at home and watching one. I’m really pretty flexible, as long as I’m with my guy and get some good vegan grub in there, I’m good :)
    Luckily, we should both be off for VDay, so we can hopefully throw an awesome vegan breakfast/brunch into that mix :)

  12. My perfect Valentines day would be a nice dinner with my love out under the stars by a fire . Thanks love your bags !

  13. Sorry, pls delete my dup GFC comment, didn’t see it went thru at first, oops!

  14. My perfect Valentine’s Day has vegan cookies in the shape of compassionate pink hearts, white roses to represent the pure love we have for all living beings, and a vegan dinner that I cook for the sweetest man in the world to show him that I love him and appreciate his support and encouragement. Valentine’s day is about showing our love and also allowing those who love us to give to us. Enjoy your Valentine’s day. I hope it’s perfect!

  15. The perfect Valentine’s Day would be to visit Farm Sanctuary in NY where my hubby, I and our son would spend the morning visiting with the animals. Then we would go have a fabulous lunch and at a great vegan restaurant. We would then take a walk about the many paths in Upstate NY. Finally we would have a romantic dinner for my hubby and me under the stars.

  16. My ideal Valentine’s day would just be a relaxing day at home with my hubby, ordering takeout & watching some DVD’s. As long as we’re together I’m happy :)

  17. A perfect valentine’s day to me is spending it with the people i love kids awe every year i make them little goodie bags lasagna for dinner and a movie casue after all they are the love’s of my life

  18. A perfect Valentine’s day for me is a nice relaxing day (not thinking about work!), some chocolate, maybe a small gift and a nice dinner.

  19. I love this giveaway too! Just awesome. I did all the responses and was so excited to join your giveaway because I can’t win the one I do! lol.. My perfect Valentine’s Day is to be with the men that I adore: my husband and three son’s. We love to go out to brunch and go for a bike ride or walk along the beach, but usually let the boys decide the day. We end up stopping by my parent’s house to give them some hugs too. Simple, but with the men who matter most.

  20. A picnic on the beach or on a mountain with my special man, a nice bottle of wine, flowers, chocolate, talking & even being in silence together, basking in nature & each other!

  21. Perfect Valentines is spending it doing anything with my husband! P.S. I already follow you on twitter and like you on facebook!!

  22. Since I’m a single mom right now, the perfect Valentine’s day would be spent with my son:)

  23. Perfect valentine’s day would be for my ex to come to my door and say that he loves me – is that bad? lol

  24. My idea of a perfect V-day would be anything thoughtful by my partner. I really don’t need flowers and jewelry, but a surprise home-cooked meal would make my day!

  25. My idea of a perfect Valentines Day will come this year because cupid has sent me a special lil man to celebrate this love filled holiday with my 7 week old nephew:) Spending Valentines Day with my family the people I love and my BF is a special time for me. Each year I decorate the dining room with all Valentines decorations set up the table put all of the goodies for my loves & the treats I bake for them we all get together eat love laugh and enjoy one another.

  26. Following you everywhere!!! My idea of a perfect valentines day, Me and my sweetheart curled up on the couch watching a movie our time together is so peaceful and quiet if I didn’t need food and utilities I’d never leave the house! I love her she is the most beautiful woman in the world and if I could give her one of these bags I’d be a hero and eternally grateful to you
    sincerely marcus sutherland!

  27. Perfect Valentines Day is candle light, a nice dinner and silence. No gadgets or gismos. No kids or interruptions. Just peace and quiet.

  28. My idea of a perfect Valentine day would be to spend the evening with my husband. Just the two of sharing a delicious meal and some wine, then a movie.

  29. My perfect Valentines day would be a new addition to our family. <3 It won't happen now as our adoption fell through, but HOPEFULLY next! :)

  30. My perfect Valentine’s would be to go out with my husband for a lovely dinner and then come home and watch a movie together:)

  31. My birthday is the same week as Valentine’s day, so I don’t expect much. The perfect day would involve just a small surprise – flowers or a card? and just spending time with my sweetie at home

  32. OK,seriously…prefect Heart Day! is when my 7 yr old makes me a heart and I get a hugs and kisses!!!!

  33. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband and three beautiful kids. We celebrate our love every single day of the year. Each moment we have together is a gift. ;)

  34. although I don’t have a husband to celebrate with anymore, I have a fantastic daughter and her family and a wonderful grandson. He is the light of my life

  35. I lost my husband 2 years ago so Valentine’s Day is somewhat bittersweet. Now the perfect Valentines Day would be hugging my daughter (who is 22 and has been on a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free diet due to an illness) and surprising her with the vegan Susan Nichole pocketbook I won….LOL

  36. What a great bag! I’m glad to see vegan products being promoted.

    My perfect Valentine’s Day would be going out to dinner with my husband. That way I can relax and not cook :-) We often get caught up in talking about everyday things over dinner at home, but getting dressed up and going to a nice restaurant and sharing a bottle of wine means that the whole evening feels like we’re back dating again!

  37. My perfect valentines day I spending time with my husband and kids hanging around the house and playing games and laughing and having a good day in as one family

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