Not that my cute little orca pony, Bubba, could ever have fleas…oh my, heck no.

But should he? I know exactly what natural method I would try to get them out of our house.

We have carpet pretty much everywhere except the bathrooms in our house. Not exactly my choice, but that’s another story for another time.

Fleas and flea infestations in houses with carpets is misery! Actually, it’s misery in any house. If it happens to you, try using good ol’ fashioned salt to help remove them.

Any salt will do from simple table salt, sea salt, kosher salt to fancy salt (though why you would use your fancy salt for this is something I wouldn’t understand).

Sprinkle your carpets with a light layer of salt. Not a good idea to put the salt on your pet – Don’t do this!

To help cover your whole house and not your pet and without going away, I read this idea:

  • Sprinkle every room except your bedroom at night when you’re going to bed.
  • Take your pet into your bedroom with you overnight – if your’s is like mine, he sleeps on top of you anyways.
  • The next day, while leaving your pet in your bedroom, vacuum the rest of the house.
  • Let your pet out of your bedroom, and then sprinkle your bedroom leaving the door shut all day to keep your pet out.
  • Before bed, vacuum your bedroom.

Repeat applying the salt weekly for 6 weeks to help eliminate flea eggs too.

The salt actually dehydrates the fleas and the eggs – drying them up to be vacuumed away and discarded.

Something worth trying – better than filling your house with pesticides I’d say.

Got any other eco-friendly tips for removing fleas – leave me your tips in the comment section below?

Be Healthy, Be Green!